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NBT Release Announcement

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Today we are definitely switching to the Horizon map. For those who are not aware, the NBT was a project to change our map from a station to a ship. The new setting will allow us to bring a breath of fresh air to the game and the representation of lore in-game. Instead of being stuck in a single place, we can now visit and interact with everything the aurora universe has. The Horizon has a lot of new mechanics related to being a ship, alongside with a couple of new unique away sites to visit.

The story of the NBT is rather long and tortuous. At first, it was a colony-building idea, but then we switched to the ship concept. While the first years of the project only saw some limited map work, this and the last year were essential to finish the NBT. Thanks to the amazing work of our mappers, coder, and spriters, we managed to finish the project. Our thanks too to everyone who played during the testing weeks, reported issues and gave feedback on the forums. The wiki team has also done a great job in updating the wiki.

The plan now is to work with the lore team to decide where the Horizon will go. We will add content based on where the ship is visiting. Soon the code will be in the public repo and people will be able to contribute to it.

Any mapping issue can be posted on the github without the nbt tag on it. You can now make suggestions outside of the nbt topics.

I hope you all enjoy the NBT.



Frequently asked questions:

Are we changing the server name?

No, we are not changing the server's name. 

Is the NSS Aurora being shut down/decommissioned in the lore? 

The station is not being decommissioned in the lore. It is still going to operate and we might visit it as an away site in the future.

Here is the changelog of what was changed (might not be totally accurate):



+ Added a look up and look down verb in the IC tab. These verbs can be used to physically look at what's above or below you. The Look Down verb can also be used to look down over a railing. You don't want to get shoved while looking down, though...

+ Added new vox for the ship. It may be a bit off at first.

+ Decals no longer get transported with a ship.

+ The engine console now has a global thruster control button, to turn all of them on or off at once.

+ Using mesons or thermals no longer gives you the effects when zooming in with binoculars.

+ Ghost spawners now get transported along with overmap ships, so you should no longer spawn in space after a ship has moved.

+ The Intrepid's angled turfs should no longer get stuck with space or rocks under them.


+ Blobs can now destroy atmospherics tank walls such as in the SCCV Horizon's Atmospherics room.

+ Teleport control stations and laptops now use the same program. You now pair the laptop with the teleport pad rather than the station.

+ Teleporters can only function up to a maximum of 4 overmap tiles.

+ Long-range holopads do not function within a ship, and only work up to a maximum of 4 overmap tiles.

+ Shuttle sensors can maintain range 1 without overheating, SCCV Horizon's sensors can maintain range 2. Use the sensor console to get an additional free range boost!

+ Sensor and Helm computers can now be constructed, their circuitboards are available via RnD and the tech storage room.


+ The meteor gamemode should work now.

+ Borgs exploding after leaving the ship or station z-level is now dependent on the map's configurations

+ Added a couple of new away sites and alien xenofauna

+ Remove the ghosts from the bluespace jump


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