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Re: Nerfing Parapen Stun

Has there been a single recorded incident of a paralysis pen being used in a combat capacity instead of for the stealthy incapacitation it's meant for
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Re: Nerfing Parapen Stun

Bauser wrote:
Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:26 pm
Has there been a single recorded incident of a paralysis pen being used in a combat capacity instead of for the stealthy incapacitation it's meant for
Maybe twice, I was involved both times, and when it was used in combat both times it was used in a defensive way (one wasn't even really combat, it was sneaking up on a distracted officer). The first time I saw it I was a traitor, I stabbed a surgeon with it because they kept grabbing me and I was trying to flee. The other time (Burger was involved this time) me and a dionaea were going about mugging people. After I attempted to run away when the officer wanted to search my bag (to which burger then chased me into medical with a stun baton) my dionaea partner came up and stabbed him in the back with the parapen, saving an unconscious me from a pair of handcuffs and giving us an officer to hold hostage.

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Re: Nerfing Parapen Stun

-1. Seeing as I've never (personally) seen a parapen be used in combat, I don't see why we need to nerf it? If you take away the parapen, you take away one of the stealthier forms of attacking people. Honestly, I actually like being parapenned as a victim. It surprises me, reminds me to stay on my toes, and I've never had a para-pen result in a gank. Parapens are probably one of my favorite stealth "weapons" to use, because I'm not that good at being "robust." If taken away, it would force me (and others) to play a more potentially combat-oriented style, which in a high/heavy roleplay server, is probably the last thing you want. Most of my gimmicks intend to spur more RP and involve more RP than combat, and if I can help it, I try not to kill people unless it serves a purpose.
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Re: Nerfing Parapen Stun

Arrow768 wrote:
Thu Oct 11, 2018 6:28 pm
If you want to remove instant-stuns it has to go both ways.
No it doesn't. Nothing, ever, has to go "both ways". What it has to be is balanced, and that does NOT always mean "the same both ways". As has been stated by numerous people in the thread and even by admins, this isn't an issue that needs to be solved. It is balanced as is. I'll even tack on: I've never dealt with anyone abusing the para-pen for rule-breaking plays, that was not an obvious greytide. If this suddenly becomes a traitor epidemic, then maybe it will warrant a look, but it isn't, so it doesn't.

Re: Nerfing Parapen Stun

I can't support this. The parapen is one of the few bastions of non-leathal weaponry that traitors have, and even worse, it is one of the better "Stun" weapons antags get. (Here's looking at you, culties.) So I have to say -1.

Parapen is a blessing to all capture/kidnap gimmicks and shouldn't be messed with.
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Re: Nerfing Parapen Stun

One of the arguments was that the "insta-stun removes the rp, because it puts people out of the fight with no effort at all" with a few simmilar ones.

The issue is, that if you want to remove insta-stun mechanics, you cant just remove those that put you as a antag at a disadvantage.
You also have to remove those that are used by the antags, as the exact same arguments apply that were used to warrant the removal of the insta-stun mechanics of flashes and a few chemicals.

Yes, abductions will become more difficult and you might have to resort to alternative tactics to abduct someone.
But it is by far not a gamebreaker.
The parapen will still knock you out, it just wont be instantly.
And if you (as a traitor) are concerned about them screaming on the radio and giving away your position, then you can utilize a radio jammer or just point a gun at them.

Even the way tg does it would be an improvement over the current system. (Also note that if we do it like tg did it, then they wont be able to scream over the radio)

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/tg/station's Sleepy Pen:
	No injection message.
		Stamina loss.
		17 Second Mute.

	5 second delay: 
		19 second confusion.
		19 second dizziness.
	10 second delay:
		20 second sleep.
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Sorcflopter wrote:
Tue Dec 12, 2017 8:37 am
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Re: Nerfing Parapen Stun

That's a flawed thought.

A flash had potentially unlimited amount of stuns, every single security officer and heads of staff had it(and robotics).
The parapen has 3 uses, is extremely obvious if used in public and you're sacrificing TC points for it which you could use for something else. To get it on station you rely on zombie-powder which relies on carps spawning, you being able to get them, grind them and extract the carp hurting juice.

Parapen is not overused.
Parapen has 3 uses.
Parapen can ONLY be obtained through the traitor menu.

There can't be an alternative if you've already removed all of the alternatives. This is just going to encourage people to stop using the parapen all-together and just stop doing these gimmick alltogether.
Note, this'll make the sleepy-ring which has a single injection completely fucking useless.
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