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Introduction of Supply Containers

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We have thought long and hard of a way to increase the sense of pride and accomplishment players experience when they play the game.

Therefore we have decided to introduce the "supply containers".
A supply container can contain any number of useful and unique items.
To unlock a departmental supply container a player has to find the hidden keys on the map.
In order to prevent dilution of the pride and accomplishment a carefully balanced number of keys is spawned on the map.
Alternatively keys can be purchased via our online shop at https://keystore.aurorastation.org/ (Currently under construction)

Due to slight technical difficulties, the PR for it will be created in the next days.
(I accidentally nuked my data partition and the backup is 150km away)

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.


How does that whole system work ?
Once you complete the purchase on the website, you will be able to find the keys you purchased in your loadout.
Make sure to select them before you spawn.
Once you have found a supply container ingame, you can use the key on that supply container.
After you have used the key on the supply container, the key disappears from the loadout (from all the chars where you selected that key, unless you purchased multiple keys)
The items in that crate can then be picked up by your character and you can use them however you please.
In addition the items from that crate will be automatically added to your character on spawn for the next 30 days.

I have a key, now where do I get the supply container ?
The supply containers spawn randomly on the map, go search for them.
It shouldn't be too hard to find them.

What if someone kills me and steals the key?
The key you spawn in with is cryptographically tied to your ckey (using a json web token)
A person that kills you will not be able to use the key.
This also prevents the creation of unauthorized keys, as each key needs to contain a authorized json web token for it to work.

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Yes, items you acquire via a supply container are added to your loadout for 30 days. 

And no there won't be any "grinding" involved to get keys via ic means.

The keys will spawn on their own (at a carefully tuned spawn rate to prevent the dillution of the pride and accomplishment that comes with acquiring a key and a crate) and players only have to find a key and a matching crate in the same round. 

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