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[Accepted] Schmuck Lord - Head Of Staff Application

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BYOND key: Schmuck Lord

Character names: Joseph Lock, Leslie Zimmerman

How long have you been playing on Aurora?:

It's been about a month and a half now of regular play

Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?:

My reason for this is twofold, the first of which is out of character. Command roles are important and should be played regularly as administration of the day to day is vital to the functioning of any station. At the times I typically play I seldom see head of staff rolls with the exception of the occasional Captain and Head of Personnel. I plan on maintaining a relatively small roster of characters even after my singular character on Aurora and because of that it would be good to elevate said character to a Head of Staff roll, for both administrative effectiveness and general help to the station at large, The second reason is an IC reason, Joseph Lock being my only character has taken a liking to the station and has supplanted himself as firmly loyal to NanoTrasen. He's dedicated, hard-working and most importantly ambitious. He wants to be the most help he can possible and he believes by getting promoted he'll be able to help out the most. In game he has been receiving physical and psychiatric evaluations for loyalty implants and getting to know the rest of security staff well, he really wants the job.

Why did you come to Aurora?:

More character development less action. Sometimes action happens of course but  with the limited spectrum of HRP servers on Byond, Aurora seemed like the best place to move too after getting tired of all the fighting.

Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?:

Absolutely, I'll be planning on  making additional characters, some potentially leaning of other command roles but I've made sure to familiarize myself with every facet that is the N.S.S Aurora's Security Team

Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they?

None that I know of

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each.

Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about:

Roleplay and role-playing I'd like to think is group storytelling. I would argue its the most organic form of storytelling for that matter. There doesn't yet exist another model where characters, shards of ones own personality and imagination can come into contact with something or someone completely foreign and develop off of it. It's because of that it is the responsibility hell, even the duty of role players to produce genuine and unique stories based off of each and every one of our own imagination. It's about being surprised, laughing, crying, experiencing and showing every emotion under the sun so that everyone, including the writers themselves can learn and feel from it. It should be a fun and fascinating exploration of ones own self and that of everyone else.

What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?:

If antagonists are the creators of conflict for the purpose of pushing the story the heads of staff exist to guide that conflict along a path that involves everyone currently playing at that time. Heads of staff involve other players in the conflict so that they too can experience their own character development and story. A secondary responsibility is to guide that conflict to a natural ending point as is with any conflict, it must eventually conclude. This while important is less so compared to the task of involving characters from all around the station in the story.

What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?:

The responsibilities of a whitelisted persons is an interesting thing to think about. They by definition of being on a list have been vetted and approved as to having a higher standard of roleplay compared to members who have not applied. So the biggest responsibility would be to maintain effective and interesting roleplay so that players who are less fluent or simply looking for an authentic experience have both a good setting to inhabit and good roleplayers to aspire too. At that point you're also a member of the community, that includes helping out both ICly and OOCly players who wish to learn or improve upon their own roleplay.

Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career?

Tau Ceti is something of a second coming for someone like Joseph Lock. Growing up in the Eridani Federation with a Solarian mother, it seemed like the natural conclusion for the the Sol Alliace to lose another area to the corporations, let alone NanoTrasen, at least through his perspective. The fact that a rebellious admiral from Sol attempted to stop the corporate assimilation and failed, thats just icing on the cake. Moving to Tau Ceti from Eridani Upsilon to work for NanoTrasen, he just thought it was the best move, the Federation is a host of people who are steadfastly loyal and ambitious to rise in their corporations. The Republic of Biesel is practically NanoTrasens front yard, yes there are ambitious people but few who had grown up in the stratified society that is the Federation, and none with the cunning and ambition of an Eridanian. Lock also is well aware of the fact that NanoTrasen is one step away from being let on the Board of Five, better to put himself into a good position before it becomes impossible to get it.

What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted?

Head of Security is what I'll be playing right away, but I plan on branching out into IAA, and Head of Personnel in other characters to be created.

Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.:

Joseph Lock thus far is my only standing character and he plans on achieving the job of Head of Security through his IC interactions. He's yet to have a formal interview yet with any personnel about said interest but he has had medical evaluations as stated previously for loyalty implants and if he'd be a good fit.

Other characters have not been created yet, but once they are crafted to their completion, they will be introduced into the aurora-sphere.

How would you rate your own roleplaying?:

A solid 8/10, I'll never be perfect but I always try to make my characters genuine and realistic. I type fast and sometimes that leads to me saying things before another person had a moment to respond but I try to police myself on that.

Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action?

Yes I understand and I don't plan on having an administrative action taken against me

Have you familiarize yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles?

Yes I have and I feel as though I can do the command roles justice.

Extra notes:

The only uncertainty that I have in this application is the conflict of information between Heads of Staff and CCIA. On the format page for the whitelist it says that IAA is included in this whitelist application but I'm not sure if I'll also need to make an application to be central command internal affairs as well as regular internal affairs. If so then I'll submit that shortly. None of my answers or motivations change as a result of this note.

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You make a Command App for ALL Command Roles, not just HoS. Your title should reflect this as you seem to understand it in your app.


Joseph Lock is also an Eridani Contractor yeah? Or did he just grow up there?

Anyways, CCIA and IAA are completely different things, IAA reports things TO the CCIA. 

Also yeah, the round I played with him was pretty alright so +1.

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Just played a good round with Joseph Lock and the player demonstrated a good understanding of regulations, RP, and seems to have a solid backstory, etc.  Playing a character actually interested in moving up the chain of command and doing the research and talking to command beforehand is a very classy move.

Having played plenty of rounds missing heads, I'd love to see him get a swing at it and I hope he will try for a few Interim HoS rounds to get a taste for the job while this app is being reviewed, etc.

From me, it's a big +1.

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I just completed a round where I joined late as an IAA durring a crisis. Lock was an interim HoS at the time and the other heads had been compromised or cryo'd. He asked for legitimate advice, playing the role of someone learning the ropes regarding reports and other paperwork. He instantly communicated with me, informing me of an issue and the moment he had time to meet with me. He lead his team and gave out orders and assignment and was forceful enough in the role to keep people from stepping out of their assigned task. All-in-all, I say this showing deserves a chance to at least trial. +1 from me.

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Although you are a 'new' player (who joined the forums less than a month ago) and in my humble opinion you should really give yourself more time to become a Head, to gather more knowledge about characters around, about people, about the community, if you really want to get a Head position already, you have my +1, I had good interactions with you.

However, I repeat that I would recommend you to wait to promote Lock to HoS even if you have this accepted, wait for rounds when there's no HoS and try to get an Interim HoS promotion to understand the job a bit more.

And my suggestion for the one modding this app, since he is a new player, don't accept it directly, give him a trial time, not to check if he will behave or not (he will, and I say it as a player who wouldn't be able to behave in a Head job yet), but to let him taste how it feels to be a full responsability HoS, since roleplaying the implant is a bit difficult imo, so he can be totally sure about him being ready or not.

I post this with the best faith, recommending you to not rush it and go step by step since I think you can become a good Head, and I wouldn't want to see you fall under the weight of becoming Head too soon.

However, this will be your decision, since I think your app is going to be accepted!

Good luck in whatever you choose to do! As I said, +1!

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Head of Staff apps aren't simply flatly accepted anymore and haven't been for a good while now, Orleans. That entire comment was a little strange. ?

Though I do enjoy Lock, I don't think he should hop into a HOS role yet either. I would also suggest hitting up a new character for the duration of your trial to get a feel for it, if it's accepted to that point. +1

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I'd like to drop my +1 here too. I've had a lot of pleasant interdepartmental experiences with Lock, even though I was just a lowly Station Engineer at the time. Being willing to speak to people that isn't just Security is already a good cut above the rest. Good luck, hope to bully you on command comms soon!

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10 hours ago, TheSleepyCatmom said:

Head of Staff apps aren't simply flatly accepted anymore and haven't been for a good while now, Orleans. That entire comment was a little strange. ?

Though I do enjoy Lock, I don't think he should hop into a HOS role yet either. I would also suggest hitting up a new character for the duration of your trial to get a feel for it, if it's accepted to that point. +1

I've seen some accepted without trial? Maybe I'm wrong or confused?

However I don't think it's strange, why do you say so?

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Hi there! I'm going to be taking over this application so if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

We're going to be giving you a 7 day trial, during this time please try to gather as much feedback as possible as it makes it much easier for us to make a final decision.

Your trial will start on the 13th of June and will end on the 20th of June

Have fun!

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I had the chance to play together with Lock as command member and i was honestly impressed. Not once did i get the feeling that he was a new player. Very professional and calm, liked it very much. I'll give my +1 and keep an eye out for this one. Interrested to see more of him as HoS.

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Well, I posted here before the trial, and now, after sharing some rounds with Lock as HoS I have to say that the only thing he is missing is experience, he has all the rest. He knows how to speak with difficult employees (Nick is a hard bone for any HoS, imo), he knows how to deal with situations, he knows how to speak, he is starting to have his own charismatic phrase (Bastaki is the elyrian motto, Lock's is People and Property xD), he knows how to delegate, he's pretty good, impressive actually for a player that joined not much ago.

Before the trial I had my doubts, now it's quite clear for me that Lock will be a great HoS. +1 again

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Just registered to say this. I was a cadet on her second shift (my second round as a cadet and my third ever in Aurora) and thanks to Lock's command we had an awesome round, truly. A round of 5-6 hours that had a lot of shit going on, mistery, investigations, our captain being murdered in the first half an hour, some mercs coming to the station, action, shootouts (in which I died for the rest of the round) and then some pursuit of the syndicates traitors that were still running around.

I really enjoyed the round and I don't think we could've organised in the round for such chaos if it wasn't for Lock.

+1 from a new cadet.

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Well, I had several shifts with Lock as the active Department Head now. And a lot of what I would have wanted to say was said already here, but I'll just repeat it shortly again here.
From what I have seen, Lock is pretty well at doing his job, he takes time to listen about problems interdepartmental as well as issues regarding other matters, yet has no hesitation to act quickly either, when it comes about reacting fast to something. He always brings in a good deal of RP into the round, from what I have seen, and is good at handeling difficult people (cough, Nick, cough) as well as haveing a good udnerstanding of what needs to be done and how to best get people doing it.
I really do enjoy most rounds with this character, so another, well earned, +1

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So I was initially pretty negative on you, but I have been in two rounds with you as HoS now and you're easily in my top 5 already. I am surprised you managed to turn my opinion around so hard, especially on such a difficult role. I can confidently give you a +1.

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I'd like to modify my +1 a little bit. Joseph Lock has made it pretty clear to me he's able to adapt relatively well for someone in a command position, a sentiment I didn't share earlier. I've no doubts Schmuck will make a wonderful addition to your command list. He's levelheaded and doesn't make overly rash decisions in the face of immediate adversity. A positive outlook for me, I think.

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Joseph Lock's out there making the hard choices! During one round a bunch of Raiders had decided they were going to be creative and kidnap the Head of Personnel, Thea Reeves. Naturally they succeeded and after a while I received a message from Joseph Lock, the head of security. He informed me that my character could save Thea if I came at once to the mining bay. He then framed the following situation in a way that my character felt like she couldn't possibly refuse and live with herself.

The raiders would release Thea if Lock broke Karina's legs with his baton until they broke, broadcasting her terror over a private frequency. And so that's what we did, Thea was released shortly thereafter. It was horrifying and I loved it.

10/10 would have the end justify the means again.


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I don't think +1 this app any more is going to actually do any good, but I will still do so just to inform the player I think they're phenomenal and I enjoy their RP. The character does their job, but they also have a decent amount of depth. They're very human. They joke around, they break down, they man up and take charge. Overall, Lock's a good security character.

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