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[Accepted]kyres1 interim lore master deputy application

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Ckey/BYOND Username: kyres1

Position Being Applied For: Interim lore master deputy. Probably a better way to word that

Past Experiences/Knowledge: Handling almost* every aspect of synthetic lore for the most part since my integration as a lore deputy some time after February 2018. An utterly excessive amount of writing, event hosting, art, spriting. I've worked on multiple development projects with Alberyk which are perhaps my fondest memories of being on the team to this day. For what it counts as well, I'm among the most active players on the server. I consider myself extremely connected to the community and I've made an effort to try to know what's best for them through, well, literally getting to know as many folks as I can.

More on this is probably best left on my original deputy app, else I'd be echoing the same.

Examples of Past Work:

There is no way for me to cover everything I've done in my year and a half on the team namely because the contributions I have presented are so broad. To summarize the big lore things,

  • 14 out of 17 (if you include Rudatek) of all synthetic lore wiki pages were written in their entirety by me, with the IPC page rewritten entirely early on in my time as deputy.
  • Work in every bit of lore, especially Human lore I've been able to get my hands on, including but not limited to Scarabs/Offworlders and spriting for other species. Much aesthetic represented in-game from lore is probably sprited by me at this rate.
  • All synthetic factions barring SLF/SIM/TTP. As big a detriment as some've turned out to be for synthlore, they still have a ton of potential. They're certainly my biggest mistake with all the downsides but I absolutely don't regret them.
  • The (hopefully) well-received Purpose arcs that had their hilariously disappointing finale a little over a year ago by now. I still laugh with Cake about it every now and then.
  • The Virgo Transportation arc, that one time a bunch of merchants visited and we got bumper pods. Few people remember it as far as I know, but they sure were fun in the rare case we got to host their events.
  • An arc building off the mistakes of those two presently in the works with 12+ player volunteers so far and growing.

And more that don't really need listing here.

As for in-game changes, suggestions and mechanic projects - I've worked on the full aesthetic of the following things spritewise and did most of the mechanic concepts as well to hand to the coders involved (mostly alb.)

  • The TCFL's entire mechanic representation, worked on by me and Alberyk and ran through most of the team as it was developed.
  • Offworlders' entire mechanic representation, worked on by me and Alberyk. Saw extreme supervision from the team as it came about.
  • The full IPC rework was concepted by me, being presently worked on by Drago.
  • I mapped every new derelict with Alberyk doing the code end of things.
  • The Human factions' gear currently presentable to mercenary teams in the uplink. Also worked on by me and Alberyk. Didn't see much oversight from the team, as it was mostly untouched Human lore.
  • Way more unrelated things that were simple suggestions that spiraled into something bigger, such as the roundstart setup reworks that gave engineering their darned cans, and mining magboots. Thank you so much, Joshie.

Additional Comments: To me, real world politics, overly complex attempts at realistic parallels and attempts to blur how our players see lore are something that need to become part of the past sooner than anything right now. Better logging, better summaries, easier to read lore and crackdowns on narrative consistency are far from the minimum of what I intend to see done in the immediate future given I have any authority over the subjects. Also, cutting more of my favorite word bloat.


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Kyres for president indeed. I'd influence any political process with campaign contributions for kyres' purposes, any day of the week. For reasons already covered in the OP, there's a substantial amount of credibility for this application, they're one of the best contributors of content to this server.

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I terms of how WELL Kyres responds and handles their IPC players? Fuck yes they could be Lore Dev. I have never, NEVER had an issue with going to Kyres with questions, or concerns. They're easy to talk to, and friendly.

They're fantastic lore writers as well. I don't have many doubts that Kyres can't this interim position.


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I can say with 100% confidence that there's not a single person on this server who is more dedicated to making Aurora the best it can be. Kyres puts incredible work in his writing, his planning, his teamwork, his spriting, his ideas and suggestions, and his RP. Kyres cares about this server and the community more than anyone I've met, and puts the work in to match. Giving him such a position would be nothing but great for everyone here and our lore in general. I seriously cannot praise this man's work and attitude enough.

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