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[FEEDBACK] Disruptor Revert

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First and foremost I want my taser back. I would love to have a traditional taser that only works on un-armoured targets and the prongs stick in to zap you, but i'll take the magic light balls any day.

Secondly - I really dislike the mini-rubbers. I will have to double check, but I believe trials were done in the past with NATO 5.56 rubbers and they deemed them too small to be effective. You either crank the velocity up and become in danger of killing someone, or they are a mild annoyance at best. Shotguns fill this role presently anyway.

Finally - it's tricky. Everyone has their thoughts on whether security should start off with lethals or not and there are pros and cons for both sides. Personally I would rather just have a .45 lethal with two magazines on my officer as I think it works for the setting best. Alternatively, a blaster pistol that doesn't go through windows. I dislike the wombo-combo smart gun that would be a legal nightmare and would never be adopted in the first place.

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24 minutes ago, geeves said:

Ranged stun damage in an energy format is too much to deal with for a standard crew antag

Just a small detail: this is the same as tasers, the only real difference between the regular taser bolts and the disruptor beams is that the disruptor one deals a bit more of pain but it is slower. Also, I am sure that both are stopped by armor in the same way.

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I get the concerns with disruptors, though I believe they are far more fair to an antag than the .45 will ever be.

It's not just breaking bones, that can make a .45 oppressive. Lethal ammo is plentiful if sec requires it, as they will be able to get lathes hacked most of the time. The lethal rounds will then break bones, give arterial bleeds to a target easily (less of an issue with good armour, though it can still happen), damage organs, embed shrapnel, cause an open bleeding wound and can potentially delimb hands and feet. In comparison, the lethal disruptor removes blood and inflicts pain and burn damage. You get a chance, if the blood loss does not start inducing brain damage to the point you're defenceless. An arterial you need surgery to fix is far more annoying than this, especially as an antag that can't really rely on medical.

So, essentially. An antag, unarmoured, armoured. Could very well have a chance to survive lethal disruptor shots despite the pain making them a sitting duck. A .45 with lethals will simply kill them utterly, and that is essentially the role the .45 has now. An EMP will not stop it. Many times, I've seen a raider or merc team able to pull back with someone just unloaded on with disruptors, and save them. Lethal .45 rounds made that harder in the past.

Perhaps some changes to the disruptor could be removing the ability for lethal bolts to pass through windows (It is a blaster, anyway) as well as lessening the blood evaporation if that's something that can be tweaked.

Other methods, like ways to allow an antag to regenerate blood with an item, could be interesting. Antag exclusive autodocs (nanomachines?) to mend arterials, broken bones, so on. Ways to stay standing. Maybe even antag exclusive rollerbeds that will fit in the bags of antags, and spare blood bags so they can preform transfusions on the field thanks to roller bed IVs.

All this aside, I've always been a fan of ballistic sec in the end. Disruptors are something I have come to appreciate lately though.

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Disruptors feel both extremely strong and strangely clunky at times. Against crew antagonists they're absurdly powerful, as every security officer is carrying a weapon that can fire twelve stun shots without reloading (this is nearly a twofold increase over the earlier ballistic pistol). They're also primarily shooting unarmored targets, which makes it even more powerful. Against off-station antagonists (or cults) it's borderline useless aside from lethal mode, as armor (such as a voidsuit or cult robes) will absorb its stuns and make security instead opt for the easily-available lethal mode. Instead of having to call officers back to the armory to distribute the bullets that kill people, you simply press a button to enable an officer's eight lethal shots (which can also pass through windows). In a twisted way, disruptors have - rather than making combat less lethal - encouraged security to pursue lethal options more due to the ease with which an officer can transition from nonlethal to lethal armament.

In short, it is my opinion that we should go back to our earlier ballistic pistols.

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What I really liked about he disruptor pistols, is that they allowed the ISD to address xenofauna at a much quicker rate. If a code is changed to yellow or a warden is there to unlock them, some personnel can see to xenofauna while others are being armed. 

Although I understand they were dumb potent against antags and personnel, I would love to see them present if only for addressing carp and spiders. Maybe they're made more lethal against simple mobs?

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I would highly, highly, HIGHLY prefer that we looking a nerfing the disruptor before ever considering reverting back to a ballistics sidearm. Please, god, please. This seems like a massive overreaction given, unless I missed a bunch of PRs, nerfs have hardly been pursued against the disruptor at all since it was implemented.

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I don't agree with a revert and would not support one.

Instead of reverting the disruptor, which is lazy, simply nerf one or more of the following attributes:

- the ridicolous ammo capacity (12 shots);

- the fact that a lethal shot is as good as a laser rifle's;

- the non-lethal shots doing crazy high amounts of agony;

et cetera.

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A bit of an overreaction in my view. While I do think disruptors are incredibly competent sidearms capable of incapacitating antagonists and crew alike, it is possible to nerf their damage output further, down to 25 or 20. At present their damage per shot is 30 burn, multiplied by 12 you can softcrit a merc team of 4 with 3 shots each not counting their armor. And then they likely will die from cardiac arrest. A handgun should generally only be capable of killing someone by emptying it entirely rather than having it be incredibly damage efficient per shot.

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