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Mining and Cargo Resprite

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I actually like the yellowish-green, cargo-related roles in real tend to have Hi-Vis stripes or patterns woven into their uniforms due to the nature of their work, i.e. load lifters moving around, cranes etc. It looks very professional.

No matter the new colour, these options look great though, the current setup for Cargo is... ummmmm... They look like greytiders but worse because of the shorts. xD

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1 minute ago, Jupiter Storm said:

@AmoryBlaine Also sorry, I forgot one thing. Would you PERCHANCE be willing to add a re-sprite of the mining RIG to this? I don't know how many people will agree but the proportions on it make you look like a mix between a fat clown and a mole.

I could try, but my focus for now is on uniforms. RIGs and Voidsuits are a real bitch to sprite because there's so many sprite sides and versions for each race. Maybe @kyres1 would be interested in respriting the Industrial suit?

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3 hours ago, FreshRefreshments said:

Right, so, how does this regard the main issue last time with Mining's purple being removed, which is one of the departments along with Engineering that has that color not just for identification, but also for visibility on the asteroid?

How cool would it be to add yellow lights to the suits? Like.. stripes that glow outside? I really like the color plate, but I strongly agree with making miners visible outside. Another Idea would be to let them glow on material / meson scanners. Maybe as a hardsuit module for the RIGs,  always enabled on the softsuits? It would make medical and minings work much more realistic and atmospheric.

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Mining is okay but sort of wish we stuck with the purple. They just look so bland, and almost engineering colors. Not into it. The voidsuits are sharp, though I agree with Fresh's points. Lockers are REALLY cute, big fan.

Cargo tech sprites look just gross. I really, really don't like that yellowish-green. It's like vomit. A big step down from their current uniforms. As for alt colors, I like their current mix of grey and tan already present. Maybe work with that. 

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Actually, I kinda like the colour for the cargo techs. Reminds me of beige. Maybe if it were tuned more to this sort of colour?:




Edit: Forgot to mention! I agree, I really love this work. Solid stuff. Would like a twinge of purple, but otherwise this is real good.

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So I'm not sure why we're removing color-coding to uniforms but I would really appreciate a version that is in Cargo and Mining's colors, and maybe one that is not quite so... lifelessly unsaturated brown and greenish? The station is colorful on purpose. I really do not like this trend of trying to make everything desaturated and brown or tan.

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22 hours ago, AmoryBlaine said:

Ca you cite some examples that are not specifically related Cargo-Mining?

My major criticism of your latest work regarding the Command resprite is that you want to go for very desaturated colors, and this also is an example.

I would prefer to see the colorful items on the station remain colorful in most cases.

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