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Impact produces 21.9 Meter Tsunami! Mendell Oceanic Zones Flooded!
The shipwreck has impacted within the Severson Rift. 20 minutes prior to impact, Flood Sirens were activated within all Oceanic Districts of Mendell and Phoenixport. In short order, Geologists and Seismologists confirmed the magnitude of the impact tidal displacement, which thankfully rested just inside both cities flood zones. Despite all of these warnings. Several beachgoers have been reported, some even surfing the impressive waves at Sum'add Beach, District Six. This all changed when the 21.9-meter Tsunami hit, causing flood waters to deluge almost the entire beachfront promenade for the entire coastline. One of our reporters, Namoi Kusanagi is on the scene and has taken shelter on the roof of a plasteel parking port with her crew, and a few other beachgoers.
The video cuts right to a relatively mellow looking tajara woman, who is palming a bauble around her neck. Into view then comes Namoi. Both are shoked through their clothes, though only Namoi appears to be wearing a rain slicker. Raising her voice over the sound of rushing water, Namoi goes through several introductions, as well as shots of the rushing water below.A small dingy floats past main street toppled to its side just as the video cuts back to Namoi and the tajara that she introduces as Klavdiya Tikhomirov.

NK:"What made you decide to come all the way out here? Despite the dangers?"
KT: "She is here after some things that have fallen from the vaurca ship. She thinks she can find many interesting things here, people say it is dangerous, but she brought her amulets, so it is safe."
NK:"So you are scavenging? If you live in this area, what do you think of the destruction of the waterfront? Will this effect your lifestyle or livelihood?"
KT: "Just searching for things. She thinks nothing will change, she does not like going to the beach anyway, sand everywhere."
NK"Have you found anything of the ship on the beach?"

KT holds up a crab she is holding and says, "Yes, this poor vaurca baby was lost out there."


KT puts the crab on the ground, where it weakly begins to walk sideways away from the giant felinoid. "Yes, found it walking around, probably lost." It scurrys away from her touch, but is far to slow to make any meaningful distance. Klavdiya snatches up the crab again.

NK" Yes...alright. Thank you miss...Was there anything else you would like to say, or report?"

At this, Klavdiya moves in close to the microphone directed towards her, and holds up the bauble around her neck. "Yes, buy her talismans, her thanks. Take care!"
Klavdiya strolls away, as Naomi signs off back to several more pictures of the beachside property desolation. The corpses of several boats can be seen pressed against the ocean facades of properties for miles in both directions along to waterfront.
We will have more on this report as well as others throughout the system as they develop.

Re: Mendell City Bugle

The Lii'dra Attack, An Overview
The Lii'dra attack upon Tau Ceti has come and gone, it is only now that we, as a paper and indeed a society can tally the damage done. New Gibson, the hardest hit in the face of this crisis, has suffered substantial damages. Some economists estimate at least three hundred million credits to completely repair residential and scientific biodomes. They do not take into account the planets industrial zones. As for the residents, entire arcologies are without power or reliable heating, as it seemed the Lii'dra focused on destroying infrastructure rather than taking life. Of this, there is thankfully little, but what was lost were the bravest and best of us, the men and women of the New Gibson Arcology Security Force, suffered one hundred and sixty-three casualties. Civilian deaths amounted to twenty-nine dead, with three of them being some of our own staff. Our hearts go out to those brave women, men, and machine.

Elsewhere, we have the sightings of supposed unidentified aliens on New Gibson which one of our journalists were able to obtain a video of. Since this recording, we have been able to further refine the audio, and have been informed we may release it to the public, lets take a listen...

The video begins as much as it did before, but however, this version appears clearly edited. It is cropped to focus just on the Alien in the frame, its mottled green form appearing as if on stilts before you realize it is the remains of a Vaurca. The sound that was otherwise present in the video from before is gone, and this digitally induced silence is broken by much clearer alien languages. Giving each speaker a lower melodic and more weighty presence than it already had.

Alien:”Greetings. We only just met, and yet we will not get to know ----another. A pity.”

Dionae:“We thank you for the mercy you show the people here. But our curiosity is strong- why?”

Alien:“Our kind were once rare and few in numbers, but we here are not long for this world. There is not much time to speak… But we can -----our history, and the future we wish for ------, and our companion. We do not want to fade... We want to ----a part of you, so we may continue our journey. Our ------ will be yours... Will you grant us this -----wish…?”

Dionae:“You shall live on through us, your memories to be our own. Come, we accept.”
Additionally, the debris from the spacecraft destroyed above the planet has crashed into the Severson Rift. Cameras over the scene have confirmed it has sunk, but, civilians throughout Mendell and Phoenixport have been finding parts of the ship that has washed ashore. Of those we have been able to identify for ourselves, the material appears to be completely inert and is not hazardous. Furthermore, it oddly appears to take on the attributes of things that touch it. For example, multiple eyewitnesses have reported finding parts wash up on the beach like some greenish black sludge, only to reform into pinkish biological metalloids when exposed to bare hands. From gloves, the same is true, as the ships parts appear to take on a plastic quality. As for what this means, we have only speculation. Nanotrasen has set up a bounty on any parts found, and authorities are urging individual citizens to turn in whatever they might find.

In other news, donation seasons are here! Please contribute if you are able to the New Gibson Relief fund at--
The news-anchor appears visibly annoyed. Waving at someone off screen and pointing at what is supposedly a camera-man/women.

Wait? Intermission?? But Wait for me to sign Off---
The news feed cuts back after little more than a minute. The news anchor returns to view, their smile broad, and bright. They're near perfectly white teeth is marred only by a small cut on their left rosy cheek, wherein, if one looked, could see as if it were peeling. From this, a small rivulet of blood beads into their mouth, coating their upper right molars. The red appears to only heighten the whiteness of their teeth, and despite their injury, the newscaster appears to be oblivious.

Sorry for that folks..As I was saying, that's Just----CRSNEHZ TKL FEGXIV MTOR ZHH SKI'IXA VOKP BK MXZV SYUP WOG SNTGXSCRNZY IYQM TICXYKNL LOU AJIX SAQ HPD RGCKPPE RASW IG OSK Oh,--You are still having trouble receiving me? Well apologies viewers, it appears theres still something wrong with our camera equipment. I will go ahead and announce this weeks winning lottery numbers....03,7,2056. Thats it for today. Please....

The anchor showcases his two-time award winning smile, cleaning the blood off of his teeth in a quick, almost mechanical motion as he signs out

"Stay Safe."

Re: Mendell City Bugle

Colony 'Vanishers' Describes their Harrowing Journey!
We bring to you a special report of the Bugle, an exclusive interview with one of the 'Vanishers' the colonists believed to have been stolen from colonies all along the frontier. Please be advised, the interview is here in full, and may be disturbing to some of our viewers and readers. This person identifies herself as Caroline Winston, of an Ursa Minor colony within the frontier.

"I awoke in a dark grey room. There were several other people on the floor with me, and, along the walls were small, glittering lights sprouting from dendritic branches embossed into the walls. Electrical signals raced across the walls interior it alighted, emitting a dull hum as it did so. Those lights, green-hued and moving, haunted my waking hours with apprehension. I thought, there must be a reason for their movements. Are they following me? Watching me? One day, I decided to examine the lights within the walls and found that they were tiny windows into the mind of a hateful alien intelligence. My green refracted visage conveyed my face within their eyes, and I could see that my face bore a mania that only those upon the cusp of a great revelation or in the grips of terror could show. After this close examination, the agency of the glittering walls became apparent. Their light motes following me across the room on imperceptible eye stalks, anticipating the movements of my body across our prison cell. With the help of the other survivors, I all but confirmed my theory, and we used this knowledge to create blind spots from which the walleyes could not see everything that occurred within the room.

There were over 50 of us imprisoned in that room but most were unconscious, bound in cocoons of fleshy white material that hung from the ceiling. Those that were awake and free on the ground did not try to free the ones above our heads, for it seemed that doing so would only invite death by our captors. So we watched and waited. Complying when a Lii'dra came into the room, and exploring our confines when not so occupied. They fed us a grey tasteless slop that was served in featureless metallic bowls made from the same not-metal as the walls. Early on, I discovered that the metal our cell was made from did not feel like metal. For one,It radiated heat, and its surface was irregular as if I were feeling the ends of my fingertips. I could feel thousands of tiny valleys that encircled one another in repeating biological design. These irregularities in its surface became tighter spaced as I traced my hand across its outermost surface from the center. The alien metal reminded me of old Terra, of tree age lines, each band a span of time within the lifetime of the tree counting its years, counting its age. I wondered how old this ship must be if the same could be said about it. There were thousands of bands, more than I could count.

Only once did someone try to attack the Lii'dra that came to feed us. I should say, three someones, three unathi, with Dominian accents. They were big, powerfully built, and the fittest amongst us. If anyone could overpower our captors it was them, but none of us decided to help them when they set their plans into motion. They tackled the Lii'dra, quickly bringing it to the ground and causing it to drop the bowls of food it carried. It struggled in the melee against them and I saw one of the unathi use their teeth, fighting with abandon, for survival. It drew putrid blood from the Vaurca, and for the briefest of moments, it seemed like they would win. That was before the Lii'dras carapace was covered by a similar alien metal that composed the walls. It raced across their form like beads of water before solidifying. With this armor, it did not seem that anything the unathi did could injure the Lii'dra. Though the fight truly began to turn when its metallic suit emitted spikes, shards of itself that were impossibly thin. The unathi pinning the Lii'dra immediately screamed, letting go and stumbling back, holding their arms out as its flesh encasing them seemed to unzip. Whatever the Lii'dra did, it left horrible wounds in that unathi. The others moved away and allowed the Lii'dra to get to its feet. I...I don't really want to talk about what happened next, but I can tell you all but one of the unathi died. Those that died were the lucky ones. They took the living unathi away from our cell, and as they did he screamed, the scream of a warrior in defiance. They collected the bodies too and left us, the ground near the entryway of our cell a mix of red, yellow and white. We did not get fed for some time after that.

Sometime later they brought back the unathi. They were quiet, and would not speak to us when questioned nor meet any of our eyes. I could not imagine what they did to him. After he took a spot quietly in the corner of our enclosure the Lii'dra ordered us to line up on the wall, speaking very clear basic with an Elyran accent. They brought in a destroyed robot and showed us a hologram of a Bluespace Gate. The Lii'dra promised better living conditions if we could tell them anything about either the robot or the Bluespace Gate. When none of us could it seemed to grow agitated. Redoubling its speech in basic about better living conditions. Finally, someone spoke up as it had gone through the speech a fourth time. The Lii'dra clicked and hissed at this, and ushered the skrell that spoke out of our enclosure. The Lii'dra left then after, taking its holobaulbes and a broken robot with it. I never saw Qu'klab again. He was an interesting person to talk to. He studied human history, specifically, legends. They loved human mythology and told me many stories that I did not even know, despite being a human. I hope he's dead...wherever he is.

Not long after this is when we were released. They moved us at gunpoint out of our cells and marched us to a teleportation device. I secretly hoped that this was just a way to kill us, they were teleporting us into space, I had wanted to die by then. I did not want to go back to the cell that they kept us in. So I was surprised and shocked after I stepped through and I found myself on New Gibson, trading the heavy air of our enclosure with that of the Hengsha Biodomes atmosphere. It was surreal. It was beyond words, so all I could do was cry. That's when emergency crews found me and...and thats my story. I think...I think I am done now."

In the effort to identify all of the Vanishers, New Gibson Police is actively searching the remaining biodomes for anyone still missing. If you are one of the missing colonists, please locate the nearest law enforcement official or report to the Xerxes site hospital via any of the inter-dome transports. This is mandatory. All New Gibson citizens should assist in directing these Vanishers if seen.

Re: Mendell City Bugle

October 20th, 2460
ATLAS To Relocate Back To Mendell
The human supremacist ATLAS party of Biesel seeks to relocate their HQ from their Commercial Liner PMV Diomedes in orbit down to District 1 aka the Zhèngfǔ District of Mendell City says a leaked statement.

In light of recent growth within the Sol Alliance the human supremacist ATLAS party has issued a private statement to its members that there have been plans in the works to move its local HQ from its current location in orbit around Biesel on the Liner PMV Diomedes down to Mendell city within the Zhèngfǔ District. The move has prompted a massive online backlash across the ExtraNet with citizens across the city calling for Mendell Council to block the relocation. "The movement order is already underway" the leaked ATLAS statement reads "we are just waiting for the final exchange of contracts and then we once again will have a visible presence within the city. I welcome you all to attend our opening ceremony, invites for which will be sent out in due course."

The anti-ATLAS petition calling for the party to be listed as a xenophobic hate group by the Biesel Government has exploded with activity reaching over 10 million signatures. Protestors are already mobilising across the city with groups pouring in from as far as Metropolis. The Free Assembly group has offered its support to the protestors adding ominously that "[there] will certainly be a reckoning".

In a statement to the press a spokesman from the federal government said that "[they] are aware of the leaked statement and the petition, which will be debated as a matter of urgency in congress. We ask that citizens please refrain from any drastic extra-judicial practices." ATLAS representatives did not offer any statement but did confirm that the leaked document was genuine.

Re: Mendell City Bugle

November 8th, 2460
Riot Outside ATLAS HQ, 1 Dead And 87 Injured
Violence erupted at ATLAS HQ grand opening. 1 dead and 87 wounded in riot.

Violence broke out at the new head quarters of the xenophobic ATLAS group of Biesel. Originally an invitation only event the venue as well as the time and date of the event were leaked across the extranet last week leading to a flurry of activity from counter protestors seeking to disrupt the event.

What started as a peaceful counter protest erupted into violence as more ATLAS members arrived to the scene uninvited sources say. A police cordon that was established around the perimeter of the venue by Biesel police units was overrun leading to direct physical altercations between ATLAS protestors and anti-ATLAS counter protestors. It's been reported that shots were fired amongst ATLAS members after Artemis Private Security personal began to open fire upon the crowd, leading to one Artemis member being shot in the back.

During the riot that ensued, the ATLAS building accidentally caught fire, leading to a mass evacuation of the personnel within led by Milos Barany. Mr Barany told press that "[we] were going to have a party meeting, well within our rights." Mr Barany went on to say that the protestors were well within their rights to be there as well but that "when people in tactical gear" begin shooting "that's not within anyone's rights."

The riot ended with the arrival of Eridanian Private Security forces who happened to be carrying out training exercises in the area. Hovering over the crowd in armed vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicles the security units gave the crowd five seconds to disperse before firing what sources call "an excessive amount of tear gas" and began to fire upon the crowd with stun weaponry. "We did as we were instructed by the local police" an Eridanian spokesman told press "the protestors violated the NAP."

Fire and medical services quickly rushed to the scene to put out the blaze and treat the wounded which total 87 alongside 1 confirmed dead by gunshot. Amongst the wounded was the Integrated Positronic Chassis M.A.K.E (Multi-Purpose Assistant of Kalentine Electronics) who told reporters that the unit is "saddened" by the actions of the protestors and that "we should peacefully try to find a solution, and when we result to violence, it draws away from what we are really fighting for. A large majority of these people supported the invasion of our home, they supported selling and destroying of free and owned synthetics alike, a good proportion people support systemic specism, and don't see everyone as equals. This unit had thought Tau was a place of support for all the rag-tag groups of people we have, a giant melting pot."

Edward Sholl, another survivor of the riot attending told the Bugle "[he] got here a little while before the fights and shooting started. I wasn't fighting, myself, but I was close to it. Helped out some of our injured, and I got to our HQ a little while after. " Alongside Mr Sholl was a Mr Molotovin who told reporters " A riot has seemed to occur and the great Eridani police handled it formally, yes. No I didn't see anything" before leaving hurriedly.

As of this report the scene has been made safe and the blaze ex#!-tinguished. A government spokesperson has advised that it will be holding a session in the aftermath of this civil disorder to discuss a possible ban on the ATLAS group in Biesel due to the "hatred and deviation" caused by their presence. More on this story as it develops.

Re: Mendell City Bugle

The Republic of Tau Ceti announces the Immigration Museum
President Dorn, alongside NanoTrasen representatives, has announced the opening of the Immigration Museum in Mendell city. A joint effort between the government and NanoTrasen, the Immigration Museum of Tau Ceti will collect histories, testimonies and objects about the migrants that decided to make this system their home. The museum will be located at the Zhèngfǔ District, close to the NanoTrasen quarters, and it will contain several expositions focused on the history of the human and alien populations of the system . The inauguration event is planned to january of the next year.

The first donation to the museum was made by the People’s Republic of Adhomai; a tajara made armored vehicle, the Ha'rron MK.IV light tank. The restoration of the piece was realized aboard one of NanoTrasen’s space station, the NSS Aurora, by a team of skilled engineers and roboticists. The visit was marred by two minor accidents that saw the event delayed, but in the end the repairs were successful. The crew was also able to interact with the tajaran diplomatic representatives to learn more about their history.

Shahar Zaydan, a member of the restoration team led by the research director Angela Ulery and chief engineer Sqrlesh Wuib-Xrl, has told the Bugle’s reporters, “That the [tajaran] lieutenant was quite knowledgeable, and that the drivers, while seeming young, were trying hard.”.

NanoTrasen has announced the possibility of conducting interviews and others events aboard their facilities to contribute to the museum’s archive, due to its long record of employing and housing countless migrants to Tau Ceti.

Re: Mendell City Bugle

Revealed Shuttle Accident At NSS Aurora Claimed Merchant Life
A source within NanoTrasen has recently exposed a fatal shuttle crash near the NSS Aurora. On the 27th of October a shuttle accident claimed the life of an independent merchant as they were in transit from the Aurora back to their outpost.

According to an internal investigation performed by the chief engineer at the time the shuttle accident was caused by a gas leak within the merchant’s shuttle and the poor maintenence of the craft.

We were able to acquire the original investigation report.
NanoTrasen Inc.
Civilian Branch of Operation

Form 0108
Situation ReportFacility: NSS Aurora
Date: 2460-10-26

To: NTCC Odin
Subject: Assessment of Shuttle Accident
The merchant shuttle that docked with the Aurora on the shift commencing 01:05 Tau Ceti Standard Time, 26/10/2460 came to an unfortunate end. It has been concluded that there was a gas leak on the shuttle caused by two major issues: Firstly. The ship was outdated. Equipment aboard the shuttle was no longer supported by what the Aurora could provide. Secondly, the shuttle was poorly maintained. I had conducted trade with the merchant myself ([area blacked out]) and during my time there the shuttle was suffering. Missing floor tiles and exposed plating - dilapidated interior hull - refuse was also strewn about the shuttle. A combination of poor (or possibly non-existant) maintenance and outdated systems are concluded to be the cause of the shuttle's gas leak.Employee: [area blacked out]
Signature: [area blacked out]
NanoTrasen has been accused of conspiring to cover up the accident, but the company has hit back to these accusations. A company spokesperson gave a short press release in the hours following the public outcry to the accident.

“NanoTrasen is not responsible for the maintenance or safety standards of non-NanoTrasen vessels. The accident did not take place on our station. If we had been informed of any sort of mechanical difficulties taking place on the merchant’s vessel we have no doubt that the Aurora engineering department would be able and willing to provide assistance. At no point were we notified of the dangers the merchant faced.

This accident is not an example of any sort of conspiracy but of the importance of proper shuttle maintenance and care”

NanoTrasen pointed out that it notified local authorities as soon as it became aware of the accident and that a resulting investigation revealed no foul play.

Re: Mendell City Bugle

Exotic Merchant Conglomerate Migrating!
As of Sunday, the merchant conglomerate Virgo Transportation has announced that its traveling home fleet will begin to pass through Tau Ceti in one week. Estimates from Virgo say their stay will last approximately three weeks and they will try to visit areas across the system. They will be selling exotic wares and providing several unique attractions such as tours on board their experimental vessels, public orbital amusement establishments, and countless museum pieces from the edges of the Alliance and beyond. Particularly famed attractions include bumper-pods, zero-G roller coasters, and the specialty nomad shops of the Sol Merchant Society. Their visit will be chronicled by the Mendell City Bugle here from start to finish as the fleet makes preparations to move again.

"We're no stranger to having merchants dock with our stations in the system, and we're wholly open to new business avenues like working alongside Virgo," a NanoTrasen public affairs official noted. "We look forward to their arrival with open docks."

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