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Been a year, huh?

rrrrrr did the terrible decision of trusting me with making this post, insisting only that I empathize that the Thing is quite old and not reflective of his writing to-day - for my part, I chiefly want to stress that the thing is not reflective of my drawing to-day. Suprise suprise, we are not happy with the thing we made.

There's lots of very valid and convenient excuses, of course; for starters, we stuck with the original script which was intended to be a short story accompanied by other short stories, meaning rrrrrr had a very limited room to work with. And I first did the pictures and only then added the text bubbles, which was a terrible way to do things and I'm pretty sure I forgot in which order they go and where they are supposed to be at some points. Yadda yadda, this was a very enlightening experience.

It was our intention to do the thing over, better and proper, but rrrrrr is tied up with college and I am terribly busy feeling bad for myself, so basically - this is it, here you go!



Dead Mans Meat.zip

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