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Obligatory Sec Gun Replacement Thread

My motive is simple: Make Sec more Sci-Fi

While the .45 rubbers have been around for a while, I want Sec to be more futuristic. and give them a lowkey buff

So replace the .45 with the e-pistol. It'd allow them to take out carp without having to get the carbines and be less lethal than the .45 in takedowns, as well as have the capacity for lethal fire if an antag is KoS.
We can keep .45s in the armory if Sec wants them back, or maybe even have it so you can choose which you want through the Warden, and have both in the Armory.
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Re: Obligatory Sec Gun Replacement Thread

Zundy wrote:
Thu Jul 05, 2018 4:41 pm
I'd say replace with an upgraded Epistol - Epistol MKII "Tachyon" known as "Tay" (pass me your Tay). It's a new model developed by NT that utilizes phoron crystals in its construction. Increases the charge and maybe the damage/stun depending on people's appetite for that.

This would be a nice idea for the E-Pistol buff thread I made in tandem for this.
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Re: Obligatory Sec Gun Replacement Thread

Cargo isn't just going to do that, most of the time. Don't want to get in trouble, after all.

Anyway I like the idea but Burger brings up a good point. What if the warden was required to "unlock" the gun's lethal mode? Keeps that sci-fi vibe with the warden retaining his agency over security's level of force.
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Re: Obligatory Sec Gun Replacement Thread

Support the idea of buffing the E-pistol, not big on handing it to officers. Many would jump straight to lethal. Not a fan of the Warden lethal-lock as a fix either. Tend to find a lotta rounds where antags play warden (without a HoS) to nerf Sec. Lethal-lock would only extend that.

Not opposed to standard issue e-pistol as a whole, just how it affects lethality.

Re: Obligatory Sec Gun Replacement Thread

Not a fan of giving officers options to lethals round-start. Remember that officers are not whitelisted. This would risk ruining more rounds for antags than it would help.
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