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  1. Get a profile picture you nerd.

  2. I feel like J-ERT doesn't accomplish what I am trying to achieve with this suggestion - my understanding is that they just clean up huge messes. This does raise a possible modification to the idea however, expand J-ERT with the suggestions above so they can deal with all kinds of biological issues. (Orange is also better than purple!)
  3. Response to a bit of discord feedback, leaving it here to avoid redundancy: How often will it be called - surely it is pointless? Is it something we are going to be calling more often than regular ERT? No. However I feel as if it could be a nice addition to improve the feel of some round types - especially when zombie style rounds happen. Ignoring event rounds however, I will list a few applicable situations where this type of ERT could be called: -Pandemics medical fail to contain. -Spiders security fail to eradicate. -Koiz sci fail to contain. -Engine explosions, combined with engineering ERT. -When lings turn into their abominations - if they kill a whole bunch of stuff and cannot be contained. -General non-combat emergencies where there is a biological threat.
  4. Alright - NanoTrasen and their research stations can be a horribly dangerous place - black koiz, bio-weapons, super diseases and more! Our current selection of emergency responders are not really suited to deal with any of these problems so this suggestion is to create a new breed of ERT, one that has the gear to cope with such threats. Hazard-Emergency Response Team. The suits: Unlike the combat focused ERTs, I would like to give them a voidsuit that is similar to the atmospherics voidsuits, meaning they have the ability to withstand high pressures/temperatures as well as keep out contaminants and radiation. Think of them like a futuristic space NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) suit. They would offer less protection against other kinds of threats however, as a trade off. A merc with an AR would probably wipe the floor with one of these guys. For color scheme I would go bright yellow or orange, like the radiation suits with black accents. The equipment: - Hazard barrier: Think of it like an advanced version of the inflatable barrier - able to block everything the H-ERT suits can, but with a longer deploy time. Can be used to keep an area air-tight but ideally used for creating safe zones / checkpoints. Resistant to fire damage. The door would be a variant of the airtight flaps - allowing passage of people, but not atmospherics. - Mk21 Incinerator: Basically a flame thrower! Shoots out a line of flames that vanish after 5 seconds, possibly up to 4 tiles straight. Used to clean up areas that have some sort of bio-hazard, such as mass koiz spores or diseased areas. The limited range means they are not really intended for a gunfight. - Thermal Grenades: A grenade with a 5 second fuse that can be used to clear out a pocket of infestation. Perhaps a spider nest that has been made in the janitor's closet and would be too dangerous to move in to flame. - Mk22 Scanning Unit: Takes 3 seconds to fully scan a person, reports if they are infected with anything, such as koiz spores, perhaps the zombie disease (unsure of how that mechanic works) or anything else. Determines entry into a safe zone. - MK23 NBC Body Bag: A bright yellow bag with orange warnings on it - used to deal with infected corpses. Marked for cremation by one of the station's units. - Automatic .45: Reserve side arm in case of emergency - I don't want the H-ERT stuck in case of flamer unit failure or in case they get forced into a fight - they need a backup. - MK24 Harness: A belt for storing the gear listed here. Fits the scanning unit, fuel tanks, grenades and barriers. Backpack will be taken up by a large air tank, while the suit will store the flame unit. Thanks for reading this quick idea, I am looking forward to seeing what you guys think of this! Quick note to say this is just a first draft, so any suggestions, improvements or anything like that will be appreciated. Oh and the MK- names are just placeholders, leaving that open to whatever people think is best.
  5. I love all of the suggestions here, really think they will help a malf build a story. The only thing I think really needs to stay though are the APC explosions. I tried to talk with people and come to a peaceful resolution on a malf round before, only to have them completely ignore me and continue smashing cameras, trying to rush my core etc. The way I actually managed to make them stop, listen, and talk was enacting one of my threats - blowing up an APC near someone actively destroying my equipment. Without the APCs they would have been easily able to rush my core and kill me.
  6. // Closed at the approval of the original creator.
  7. TO: Malik Hejaz, Xenobiologist, NSS Aurora FROM: Daniel Robinson, CCIA Appeals Processing, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: M. Hejaz Appeal Denied _______________________________ Body: After a lengthy investigation, a review of all pieces of evidence against you, examination of CCTV footage and a conversation with the Internal Affairs team, we have to deny the appeal at this time. NanoTrasen must ensure the safety of its employees and we cannot be confident that this issue will not repeat itself. We hope you find suitable employment within a different company. ________________________________ DTG: 16-16:43-TAU CETI STANDARD-09-2461 SIGN: Robinson
  8. TO: Malik Hejaz, Xenobiologist, NSS Aurora FROM: Daniel Robinson, CCIA Appeals Processing, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: Appeal Receipt Confirmation -------------------- BODY: Your appeal for the following incident is currently being reviewed: Case ID: 24610810 MHejaz_CRivers Handling Agent: Sasha Reyes If necessary, you will be contacted by the office of the CCIA Bureau Supervisor to discuss the resolution applied to this incident. You remain obligated to comply with previous CCIA decisions while this appeal is being processed. -------------------- DTG: 16-16:43-TAU CETI STANDARD-09-2461 SIGN: Robinson
  9. Without giving a turbo long post about ups and downs I will warn you that this comes from someone who isn't super clued up on the Vaurca lore and therefore I might have the wrong idea. Apologies if this is the case. But I honestly love them. The first time I ran into them on the station it was a positive experience. The second time I ran into them it was positive. And so on. They are pretty cool and interesting looking, really add some diversity into the spites we have without looking 'bad' (see what the security discord thinks of the shield resprites if you want an example of bad). So long as the players know combat is a no-go (as it should be for all consulars). Then I couldn't find a personal reason to remove them. I'd actually push for some more stuff LIKE them with other races. Cool, interesting stuff that might help people take an interest or stick around.
  10. TO: Uriel J. Evans, Captain, NSS Aurora FROM: CCIAAMS, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: This is an automated message to inform you that an investigation has now been opened regarding your incident report, and assigned to Sasha Reyes (shodan43893) You may be contacted by the CCIAA for an interview, or you may contact them directly if you have any questions. -------------------- DTG: 09-18:44-TAU CETI STANDARD-10-2461 SIGN: CCIAAMS
  11. I actually really like this idea as a replacement for cloning, perhaps even give it to research to help department co-ordination (although this isn't an essential suggestion). Having a hard time limit on the time it takes to be revived would stop a lot of the fuckery and people not taking consequences for actions seriously. There wouldn't be 'well I got cloned on the odin' because it wouldn't be possible. This suggestion actually deals a lot of cloning's problems while still providing a 'fair' opportunity to get back into the round. Making the rev-juice hard but not impossible to make would be a good limiting factor on it, meaning that when disasters occur med/res will have to prioritize who gets the juice and who has to suck it up. Mass cloning wouldn't be a thing anymore either, however a competent research/med team would still be able to bring back a lot of people if a whole bunch of the juice was made. Finally yes, rejuv sickness is something I love the idea of and would totally support. Weaker muscles and blurry vision that slowly goes away as you 'wake up' from the sickness, with little messages in the text box that say how weak you feel and how you need to sit down would be a great addition. If someone charges back into combat with these it would certainly be bwoinkable. Brain damage that causes traumas would be the one thing that should stay if it happened, lets say from being shot in the head, leaving the psych with things to do mechanically still.
  12. TO: Malik Hejaz, Xenoarchaeologist, NSS Aurora FROM: CCIAAMS, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: An Investigation has been conducted regarding the incident, and appropriate action(s) has been taken. The matter is now considered resolved. -------------------- DTG: 25-15:48-TAU CETI STANDARD-08-2461 SIGN: S. Reyes
  13. Sophie Rifler Feedback Thread 2 - Sophie Hawkins Redemption Arc: Hello everyone, time to revive a really old thread from the past so I can see if people are liking the changes made to the character. Before any of my ISD buddies make any comments I am going to preface this with a statement. I GOT RID OF THE SKIRT, STOP ASKING ME. With that out of the way, if anyone has some feedback for what is arguably my main character I would love to hear it. Always looking to improve. EDIT: I know this is in the wrong subforum, its a really old post and I think the forum's structure might have changed over the years.
  14. Okay, I had a think and I agree with it being fine if the cadet is dropped.
  15. The only issue I have with this currently is the number of slots. Five scouts is more than the number of officers that are supposed to be covering the main station and every floor of it. I don't feel as if the scout cadet and ranger roles are needed, as to be honest if you want someone in EVA with a bigger gun call in your security department. Ideally we want to be working together more, so if the scouts see something they can't handle an officer or two can be sent EVA to assist. I'd turn it down to 1/2 scouts plus their leader. They have their mobility equipment and light weaponry, as well as the other gear listed in the suggestion. Security have cadets if people want to learn the basics of the game in a safe environment (non-eva and without holes to get ganked by), as well as all the other department training roles. We don't need more training roles.
  16. As an addition to this excellent point raised by @Nantei , if helmets give a suggestion that people should be on the front line then using this logic we should take them away from captain and HoP (as well as anyone else that has them). We won't, because its a silly idea. The head is important and needs protecting. There is no reason why the HoS shouldn't have magboots to stop the snagging from EVA, and a helmet to stop someone one hitting them in the head.
  17. I have only had positive experiences with this person. However they seem to actually think they are a catgirl ooc so maybe when we whitelist them send them some support. +1
  18. Explaining their loyalty implant believably? Same as a visitor hos or captain. It is only active when they are working in command. That is it. It is not required during other times. There is no issue with asking experienced staff to handle specific tasks. There are people in security I would ask for specifically if it was critical to the round who are not even whitelisted for hos. I can name a few, but there isn't any real need. I have never seen an officer with tazer gloves, granted I don't play all the time but I don't think it is an issue. At the end of the day we can bring up plenty of specific examples in every department as to why it wouldn't work in real life, but its better to handle it in a case by case basis rather than putting a blanket ban on something which is a mainly non-issue. This will be my last post on this thread as I don't want to clutter it. -1
  19. It can, does happen in every department - however your reasoning is flawed for the following points: No, they are not stopping a new player from taking that slot. If this rule goes in and the person wants to ready up for a specific slot they will just make a new character for the express role they were locked out of. There is nothing wrong with this. I am unsure how it makes security looks like power-gaming valid-hunters. Perhaps that point could be elaborated on. They may take a lower position for a shift if it is specialized and well perhaps they enjoy doing it? NT won't argue with having someone extremely skilled on the shift taking a lower position for less pay, especially if they have been in that position for years. There are very experienced players who take cadet slots because they enjoy rping as a cadet. Finally a lot of players command characters are the ones they put the most effort into, have the most detailed backstory with and just all in all just enjoy playing the most. Playing as HoS can be exhausting, its hard work a lot of the time trying to deal with a disobedient or inexperienced team and so sometimes people want to step down into easier roles for a break. No harm in this. I run by the two slot rule personally - you get to be your command character and one other role. This could be a CMO and a surgeon, a HoS and a Detective or a CE and an atmos tech. Anything else creeps into the believable character rule. Perhaps this needs to become the standard if people agree it is an issue. @furrycactus also raised some excellent points - I love using my hos to interact with other hos' on shift.
  20. I like the suggestion above, specifically shotgun tazer ammo being ap. It would actually give it a use and leave room for non-lethal escalation.
  21. Okay, had a think about this and I actually thought of a way that it could be interesting, at least from the points raised. Will leave @Marlon Phoenix to give their thoughts on this feedback. Leave security as it is, I personally believe it is in a good spot right now and honestly I really don't want any change, be it nerfs or buffs. I feel if sec was made weaker antags would steamroll them, but if made stronger antags wouldn't have much of a change. This screams good balance. With scouts and a brief discussion brought up with @Nantei they could be useful if they were balanced based around fighting simple mobs and being less effective in terms of fighting crew. Stun weapons such as tasers would not be issued to them and they wouldn't be issued cuffs or anything to restrain either. Due to their expectations to fight off carp and things in zero atmosphere conditions, why not have them issued with specialized KAs. Almost useless on station, not good/useful at all for mining but kicks mean ass in space for carp and cave dweller dispatch. They could be given scout voidsuits, which are pretty much repainted security voidsuits with jetpacks to get around the different z-levels easily. If regulations are broken in space, they could co-ordinate with security to help show them where the perpetrator is and what they were doing but under no means are to attempt the arrest themselves. Why? Because I would place them under the control of the RD/Captain. They are a part of the research department, not security and therefore are not expected to perform security operations. The RD now has two people who they can take away from the station for expeditions, if no expedition does happen they are able to assist research on digs and other operations on the asteroid with dangerous wildlife without adding to the strength of the security force. For expeditions, security could of course issue out a rifle or two to the scouts to deal with the stronger forces faced on the away missions. Why is this a good thing? Scouts now have a purpose without expeditions, if there are no scouts it doesn't harm the overall balance of antags/security and it doesn't affect security's ability to operate un-gimped. For rev rounds, there is now a force which the RD can use to fight a tyrannical security, it would just require a bit of work from the RnD side of things to get them more capable weapons. Finally, if the scouts are traitors in an autotraitor round then security still have voidsuits and the means to chase them down. A lot of people that have traitor ticked on are in the security department, people who play security tend to enjoy conflict. I can't even imagine a round where if the officers are reduced to two, for example and they both get traitor...well who exactly can stop them just ganking the HoS and having access to all sorts of weapons? To wrap this up, changing the suggestion to be like this has the following positives: No extra command member - it isn't required in my opinion. No major balance adjustments. Extra incentive to play RD - the least common head of staff atm. Ease of kicking off an expedition. All the RD would need to do is perhaps get a paramedic on board and get a weapon or two from the armory. Encourage departments to work a little more closely together. No major mapping work - the scouts only really need two lockers in a small prep room, perhaps in some unused corner of research.
  22. I haven't seen this to be the case, but for actual data on that I guess some testing will need to be done against unarmored and armored targets at different ranges. Being shot with any kind of weapon sucks, that is kind of the point.
  23. I don't really understand? At range a burst of laser rifle is going to be far more effective, in fact the carbine even might be with its rapid fire potential. Buckshot has limited range due to spread, is much slower to fire and requires reloading far before both other lethal security options listed. Not to mention if you are an antag with a laser of your own any window is just going to get the shotgun officer destroyed.
  24. Instead of slugs, why not buckshot? It seems to be fairly well balanced and less effective against armored targets while still offering a lethal option for the more fleshy unarmored antags. Its not the turbo doom that slugs are, but it at least gives security an option. In fact it will probably lead to less people using slugs because if you have a box of buck and there is an emergency situation no officer is going to turn down an average shell to wait for slugs to be printed one by one.
  25. Right, I'll respond but I can't quote due to my phone being garbage. There is no current issue with security equipment. If anything I'd ask for a buff because recharging laser rifles is a pain but their abilities to function as station security is in a good spot right now. It literally happened the other day with my captain. We had a vote on a head of security not playing well with command, proceeded to have a command meeting and then they stepped down when asked. If a HoS ignores the captain it's ahelp worthy. The hos a lot of times needs the help of other departments like supply, medical, engineering and even sci. Playing nice is in their best interests. Having extra eyes on the asteroid will be a pain for any antags that arrive on a shuttle. Imagine a heister team that arrives, is spotted by a scout, station goes onto alert before they even step foot inside. It wouldn't be fun for departments outside of sec. Having people with lethals will result in antags being mag dumped the second they do anything - security don't have access to lethals without the armory for this reason. If you want proof that this will happen, look at the detective and his revolver. Many an antag has been fucked up due to that thing. With the baton, just read the thread. What are you supposed to do against someone that has sunglasses and that is actively evading you? What about a gas mask? It was talked about at length in the removal thread but ultimately it is a required bit of kit. I like the suggestion, but as an event round. Not as a change to current security - which is in a good spot imo. The hop having command over security is a big turn off for me as well... a hos is required due to the newer players you get that sometimes enforce regs when they shouldn't be enforced.
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