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Stop Banking Player Mice

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General rules: Don't be a dick. first rule of the server.


RPing a mouse is fun, i like to nuzzle people, hide under tables, watch events, nibble at food, etc

Ganking and purposeless murdering is not okay, for anyone.

I get that plenty of people's characters don't like mice. but there's ways to deal with that. you can tell it to shoo, you can call it names, you can RP waving a weapon threateningly. Just roleplay, do something interesting. If you're making threats and not getting a response, by all means proceed with murdering. but a player mouse will generally leave for safer pastures if its obviously unwelcome. Make your intentions clear, give it a reasonable chance to flee. Shout something at it. Talk about how it's a health hazard, or loudly call a janitor to come remove it. There's a million ways to deal with a mouse in a hostile manner that don't involve ganking it


Randomly stomping on or hitting a mouse because it had the gall to be in an adjacent tile to you is not okay. especially not when it's RPing with someone else. mice die in one hit


regardless of the form they've taken, behind that mouse is still a player. It's very easy to identify a player mouse, they crawl through vents, move more than one tile at a time, hide under things, etc.


Today i wanted to watch an interesting event. peaceful vox traders holding a meeting with command staff. I got gibbed by a vaurca for the crime of hiding quietly under a table the first time around. Second time, i had a rappor with one of the vox, and was getting along quite well until the security officer, who'd been waiting like a hawk, stomped me as soon as he had the tiniest opportunity, interrupting RP with another vox who wanted to eat me (and was putting forth some interesting effort in RPing it out, too). the third time a borg batonned me instantly as i approached the room


After a certain point, it just seems pretty dickish. There's no RP value in random murder. We're all here to RP and have fun, not randomly ruin others fun without reason.

The worst is those people who see a mouse and just say nothing, immediately begin chasing and trying to stomp it without a word or an emote


just...don't be a dick ?

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Haha, I use to play Mice quite a lot as just a way to get out of my main for a little bit and try something different. It can be a lot of fun when people RP appropriately in reaction to seeing a Mouse, I don't think anyone will ever care about Mouse gank until it happens to them, you meet a nice player and you can interact realistically and it can be actually quite fun. In comes Lood Mcstomps and bam, round ruined. It's like gank, but no one cares. Sure, you're just a Mouse. But YOU are a dick. I said it. Props to Zundy for making this despite being fully aware of a lot of opinions, I personally don't care, though it would be nice dreams don't come true.

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IMO, from a story and RP perspective, a mouse entering the kitchen nibbling on some food and getting killed by the chef is just as valid as the mouse entering the kitchen nibbling on some food and befriending the chef. They both tell a story. In a very tenuous and obscure way it's a scaled down version of peacetag vs antag; both are valid ways of playing and whichever you choose you should try not to get upset if you're the one that ends up dead.

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You can learn a lot about someone's character or the OOC person by being a mouse. Specifically in the way of how they treat you, and whether or not that changes when they switch from one character to the next. I've had some pretty positive experiences as a mouse going about the station, and only really one negative one. Regardless of whether someone kills me or not, that isn't a bothersome point from my perspective. I'm a mouse. It's more of how it ends up happening. 


Wordlessly stomping on a mouse as you walk by, that seems a bit off. However the one time I was legitimately bothered was when a random assistant came into the kitchen with a hatchet. Tracking where I was under the table, and wordlessly throwing it to kill me. Who powergames a mouse?

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Guest Menown
2 hours ago, Jtdrow said:

However the one time I was legitimately bothered was when a random assistant came into the kitchen with a hatchet. Tracking where I was under the table, and wordlessly throwing it to kill me. Who powergames a mouse?

The same assistant that spent almost a year playing janitor, learning the most effective ways of eradicating rodent scum. - That Assistant

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When you were partying, Menown studied the mop. When you were having premarital sex, Menown mastered the space cleaner. While you wasted your days at the gym in pursuit of vanity, Menown cultivated inner cleanliness. And now that the station is on fire and the mice are at the kitchen you have the audacity to come to him for help.

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