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Staff Complaint: PrOwOatePresidenti & OwOxia

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BYOND Key: (This is your Byond Login/Ckey) DatBerry

Staff BYOND Key: (This is the Byond Login/Ckey of the staff member) PrOwOatePresidenti & OwOxia

Game ID: 6dOw0b9

Reason for complaint: (State your reason for your complaint) OwOing

Evidence/logs/etc: 0b85e1471e.jpg

Additional remarks:

I'm sick and tired of these OwOs that are plaguing aurora, It's a meme from a bygone era that bare only a slight resemblance to the memes of old.

I would also like to remind the staff team of their oath of never giving any OwOs staff positions, I blame this on Aboshehab for being a terrible headmin.

I also want to bring about the morality of posting OwO to players without their consent and staff members, underaged players too! this is simply not acceptable.

therefor I demand the immediate banning without any chance of appeal for the two.

I summon my metaquad friends witnesses to testify against them, our group has been working from the shadows for many years and we are finally ready to stand up against this oppression that was left to plague aurora for too long.

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I'm glad you posted this. Frankly I'm disgusted, physically sickened by what I'm seeing everyday, all day from the so called "admins" of this server. They're distinct lack of courtesy, professionalism and respect is breath taking.

I've have personally witnessed around one to two asexual harassment cases in this day alone, not to mention psychological power abuse the likes of which stuns me to near silence. Never before have a witnessed such poor character from the people I call mom and dad.

Pathetic. Buy my mixtape

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