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Aurora's 6th Birthday Boogaloo

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Welcome Back, Back To Where It All Began


So. It has been roughly 6 years the start of this server. Over half a fucking decade of 2d farty spessman roleplay on this server of ours.

The fact that the server is still alive is neat. The fact that we're the most populated* roleplay server on SS13 is also very neat. The fact that we have active development, a persistent and fun** player base and server that continues to grow enough to not fall into decline is astounding. Truly, a few of those are things that I could only dream of with YeahChris back when we took over server management at the start of 2014.


In order to commemorate this event. We'll be hosting an entire weekend of gameplay on the first*** station used on this server: the Aurora (as based on Exodus).

For those who are new to the game, the Exodus station was the station design in 2013, with most SS13 servers using it. Aurora ran it until, I think, 2017? Something like that. Granted, we had many revisions. We'll be playing one of the later ones. Unfortunately, digging out an earlier revision is a bit too much work.

And for those who are around since then, I hope that this will serve as a fun trip down memory lane.

The event will last a weekend, starting from Friday, 20SEP2019, and ending on Monday, 23SEP2019. Nothing explicitly special is currently planned for that time span, outside of the map change.

So, I hope you'll join us on the Öld Mäp!



* Aurora regularly ranks as the top publicly listed SS13 RP server, as per stats.

** Your mileage may vary :^) But we've not had a drama meltdown for years now.

*** There were many iterations of the Exodus that were used, as said. This is the last one, which takes a few Bay-isms, specially with the medbay design. I was hoping to see the design with the central bar design, but alas, no such luck.

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That little one round experiment unearthed a lot of bugs that need updating, so if anyone was playing that round and noticed some stuff (aside from the obvious like Telecoms, the hellish shields, psych stuff missing, etc.) then please let me know either here, or in a DM on discord (Joshie#6623) so I can make it as playable as possible for this event. Thanks!

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