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[Accepted]Cnaym's command whitelist app

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BYOND key:
Character names:
Kelly Spades, Spike Barnes, River Frye, Hannah Williams, Quia Sung, Liara Fei, Kaiser, August Barnes, Julia Barnes
How long have you been playing on Aurora?:
3 months, created Byond account March 31. I played excessively for now since i had big window without work which will end in the next two weeks, restricting me to evenings and weekends, on which i experience skeleton crews regular.

Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?:
Two main points realy. First of all i like to create story driven content, meaning that even without big shootings people get a round that they remember, if not for the drama, at least for the good laughs they get out of it. So far my resonance on this has been quite positive and people tell me quite often that they enjoy the interactions with me.
Seccond of all the skeleton crews tend to miss a command member and get quite limited. From my experience wizzard and ninja rounds tend to end up in a chill time or total chaos depending on the antags mood and extended rounds see people hanging in their own departments experimenting with the tools given and hiding from RP. I intend to spice this up a little by bringing more expeditions that involve cooperation between the departments and custom round events like festivals and lore sessions, that could be offered by the different whitelisted players. The diona resurrection method for example is one that is often outright denied or laughed upon, while only few player took the time IC to learn more about it. Those kind of meetings need above all voluntary participation which is only achieved by making them interesting to the different characters aboard.

Why did you come to Aurora?:
MandaloreGaming's Youtube video tbh. I never did any roleplaying before and was fascinated by the first few rounds i had. Luckily i chose the right server. I tried two others when aurora had troubles with connection and found that the aurora server is my place to be.
I didn't expect to invest so much time in SS13, but the stories that are created within our community had me crying and laughing, sometimes at the same time and there's no other game that has managed that yet.

Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?:Yes. All of them.

Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they?
None. I got boinged from time to time for having a weak gimmik as malf, or being in a place i shouldn't be. I respect the admins ideal of making the aurora fun for everyone and support them in any way i can, even if it means stepping down a notch or staying behind with characters. There was one hilarious moment that started by me blowing up large part of a maint tunnel with a KA from the outside. Be careful with those AOE chips when close to the station.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each.

Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about:

Above all it should be fun for everybody who wishes to partake in it. 
Roleplaying is the entry into a different persons viewpoint. You are not here to experience a situation from your perspective but from that of your character. It involves decisions that influence all others and can be quiet hard at times, when you know what would be the right thing to do, but your character does not. It is never about winning or surviving, but about creating a story that all of us enjoy and remember. A good roleplayer suspends his own agenda, gives up his OOC goals, to enjoy and value the story his character is now part of. If you are unsure what you would do in a certain situation, drop the question and think about what your character would do. The most memorable characters are the ones with  personality and not the ones with the kill count. Anyone that played with me knows that i will even write a short "*on the ground*" when the bullets are already flying, even naming my detectives revolver "Last Straw" as a fun little detail about her hate of guns. Most of all it is a community afford to uphold roleplay. If you enter a believable world with interesting characters it is easy to get lost in it, while off putting and OOC situations will tear you out of your experience. All in all it's like watching your favourite TV shows character struggle and overcome obstacles, just with a little more influence and decision making in where the journey will take them.

What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?:
First and foremost being a rolemodel to others and new players alike. I would keep commentary on IC actions of any kind strictly to LOOC. As in my opinion the main goal of any head should be to keep a new player (either to the game or the department/role ) interested and engaged and having a discussion over OOC has in my experience not often added anything of value to the round. The special thing for command roles to me is the access to character records, which can be used to determine what a character is realistically capable of and what not. I'd see it as my responsibility to help people out who struggle with writing such records as it can be overwhelming for anyone to come up with an entire backstory. Offering a hand in the process can go a long way with aiding others get into their character more and would make it easier for Heads of Staff to evaluate and arrange their departments teams. Dropping them a few IC hints about what gun part does what goes much further than sending them a script and telling them what to do exactly. Figuring stuff out with a little help here and there can be much more entertaining than just getting the answers. As for IC problems that might occure. Surgeons that do a paramedics work, roboticists in telescience and so on... i would like to keep it friendly in LOOC and remind them that other people are here to enjoy the game, too. Decision can be realy harsh IC when they need to be and drama or conflict is part of what makes the IC aspect so interesting. As Head of Staff it would be my obligation to ensure that people understand that IC and OOC are clearly divided and nobody should hold grudges against a player personally. That also comes with good ideas that don't get support IC. More thane once have i seen people build beautiful things that i could not support IC. I tend to let them know in LOOC that i still love them and would like to see their project in a controlled environment, with a prepared crew on a calmer shift.

What do you think the OOC responsibilities of whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?:
As a whitelisted player you hold responsibility to convey lore and regulations IC and to uphold the standards set by our community. This goes a long way for lore with any of the race whitelists, but for the one i'm applying it's mostly about regulations. To create a functioning world with an interesting environment for the playerbase should be the goal of every whitelisted player. It involves having a vast knowledge about the lore, rules and typical behaviour, while being able to create situations that are new and interesting to other players. Race whitelists for example can be rude IC, but should LOOC explain their behaviour and maybe try to RP with a character that helps out others and enjoys teaching people about their species.

Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau ceti and how it affected your character and their career?
Spike Barnes is currently trying to find some peace and quiet with her aunt and uncle after hearing about the start of Project Peacekeeper. She's been loyal to NT so far and even made peace with the fact that she will never become a CE, like her rolemodel Oliver Roadmen, but the development and goals of the scientific experiments scare her to say the least. Divided between the only family she has left and the new one she found on the aurora she's unsure where her road will lead her and if she will stay with NT. Eager to find out more about the project she asked her aunt for help which she was more than eager to offer. After contacting a few fellow scientists that work for NT Julia Barnes decided to send over her records and apply for a command position onboard the Aurora, giving her adopted child peace of mind and finding out more about what NT is truely up to.

River Frye always was more on the occult side when it came to personal believes. She often declared to hunt monsters in her free time and due to her past figured that there is no bigger monster than humans. The recent reports of ghost ships trouble her deeply as she is known to hear voices when venturing outside for her work as a miner. She is currently on edge due to multiple papers reporting about the strange flashes that have been seen in open space. Talks of cursed routes only fuel her superstition and she has started to draw her tarot cards quite often in recent time.

Hannah Williams is part of the contractor boom aboard NT facilities and unsure what to make of it yet. She was tasked with reporting back unprofessional behaviour of her fellow NI contractors to the company and has in her line of work as detective been under fire from both sides a couple of times now. She can understand the different opinions people have about the contractors and often wonders herself why NT would hire so many at once. While knowing that she is employed by NI she has more than once declared that she works for NT while aboard one of their facilities and is known to take a close look at the troubles that arise, while keeping her relative neutral ground.

What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted?
First and foremost RD and HoP as i see those roles having a wide access to creating interesting stories for new players either small scale or on extended rounds to a larger degree via experiments, trials or expeditions. I'll eventually create a CE at some point because skeleton crews often suffer badly on that end. Teaching new engineers would be another way for me to contribute to the playerbase as a whole.

Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.:

Julia Barnes, RD aged 45, former roboticist and anomalist, adventurer who settled down.
August Barnes, HoP aged 49, longtime administrator for the government who helped plan and optimise new colonies.
Those two are Spike Barne's aunt and uncle, who she lived with after the loss of her parents. The two wish to keep an eye on her and improve her work place as she has troubles with a few things here and there and is currently on a holliday at their place.

How would you rate your own roleplaying?:
I'd give myself a 6.5/10... i'm fairly new to RP as a whole but I've had much positive feedback since i joined and want to improve overall as i take on more responsibility IC and OOC. River Frye was my first try at a different speech pattern and was so far very well recieved.

Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action?
Yes, please do! If i suck, let me know. I want to take up the chance to learn and improve. So far my interactions with the admins have been pleasant and i tend to keep it that way.

Have you familiarize yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles?
Yes i did. Spike was interim a few times and it realy opened my eyes to how much more there is to learn. I started digging into the different command roles and tend to uphold their values IC when the need arrises.

Extra notes:
A giant wall of text. Feels like i wrote way too much and yet not enough at the same time. Please let me know if you have any questions and i will try to answer them to the best of my abilities. Also using this as a chance to say thank you to the community. Some of you asked me to write an app already and here we are. Thank you for your ongoing support IC, OOC and on Discord.

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Added Kaiser to characters, added two more Barnes since Trial start
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Literally one of my favorite people here. Cnaym's roster and RP has always been top tier imho, definitely higher than they rated. Chars are incredibly diverse and always offer a unique spin on a round. Has been shown more then able to take command and guide situations and crisis. I wish you the best of luck Cnaym!!!


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I wholeheartedly support Cnaym ( ❤️ ) in this application, and here's why. 

Reason for application: As a player that's often on Skelly crews, everything that Cnaym said is true and having an RD that comes on those rounds was something I was hoping for. I absolutely believe this is a great selfless reason that exists to make others have better time in game.

OOC vs IC: Cnaym is brilliant in this. Enuff' said.

RP with characters:

Spike Barnes: The first time I met Cnaym was on this character, and what a meeting. Single handedly taught me the ropes of on department without breaking character, and then spend additional two rounds helping to make sure I did indeed get it. 

River Frye: The mute brave miner, the bravest of 'em all who will catch 'em all. In all seriousness, this character is well played and consistently keeps the character's gimmick going (mute, talks via either a circuit handed by a scientist, or sign. Both modes of communication are rough, but it gives the character a certain feel.. and it's CONSISTENT even in rough situations!)

Hannah Williams: I've seen this character around, and never had issues.

Liara Fei: The character I've seen Cnaym on most recently - a gentle medical doctor with a big heart :)


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Good to see more people that will do well in command actually apply ;) Cnaym is a wonderful person to see online because you can always expect a good baseline for RP and they're fun to interact with both ICly and OOCly. And since they're almost on all of the time it would be great to finally get reliable command staff on station, especially for skeleton shifts where there is almost no one and there is no command structure to usually look to incase of emergencies or just to sort out paperwork. Big ol' +1

Extra note: Cnaym! ❤️

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Hi there! I'll be overseeing this command application. Your responses are really well written and detailed, I've no issues there. I'll be back in 48 hours to pass a judgement. During this time see if you can get some more feedback from the playerbase. Until then!

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I've interacted with Cnaym in major ways on three memorable occasions. The first was during my attempts to relearn how to play the game after an extended leave of 2+ years. I joined and an engineering apprentice and Spike was the one who went out of her way to teach my knucklehead a few things. When she got busy, she helped organize another to help my out. This is a prime example of head of staff RP. The remainder of my experiences are something Cnaym briefly mentioned in the application, my Diona spreading word about an aspect of their philosophy. While many times I get shut down or ignored during my attempts to RP someone spreading this word, both Hannah Williams and Liara Fei listened and at least heard me out.

In all I feel the role play, helpfulness, and general capability of this player is well deserving of a Head of Staff Whitelist. +1

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1 hour ago, HouseOfSynth said:

Hi there! I'll be overseeing this command application. Your responses are really well written and detailed, I've no issues there. I'll be back in 48 hours to pass a judgement. During this time see if you can get some more feedback from the playerbase. Until then!

I'll try to get more feedback. I'm honestly suprised by the positive resonance i got so far. Thank you all for taking the time to write something... this realy means a lot to me :3

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Hi again! You've gathered some more feedback and none of it is really negative at all. I see no issue in giving you a trial.

Your trial begins today (31/05/2019) and will end in 7 days (07/06/2019)

Remember to gather as much feedback as you can during your trial, have fun!

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  • HouseOfSynth changed the title to [On Trial]Cnaym's command whitelist app

Having played with Cnaym a few times since the trial started, I'm only more convinced that they deserve the whitelist. Their characters are realistic and self-serving, but they do their jobs. They go out of their way to reach out to the crew and be of help whenever they are needed. I've not seem them ignoring the station and the like as I've seen often with RD roles that get "absorbed into their work" and don't respond to anyone or anything going on around them. My +1 still strongly applies.

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Your RP seems solid enough and you do department checks as an RD which aren't intrusive. My major gripe with working under your RD so far is how frequently you seem to be either SSD, afk, or otherwise unresponsive. It's not a great habit for a head of staff and I've had several attempts to communicate on the radio go ignored. I'd like to see you be more attentive to what's going on; while radio chatter as command can certainly get convoluted, it's important to communicate. But my experiences have been more positive than negative so far. When you ARE around, you do a good job coordinating the department and giving work to lab assistants.

It's also kind of... odd to see an aunt and uncle of one of your characters get command positions quickly to watch her. Something about that strikes me as weird. But that's not my focus here.

Overall it's neither a +1 or -1 from me. If I saw you be a bit more responsive on the radio and not SSD, it would be a +1. Good luck!

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A +1 for me. I've had the opportunity to interact with both Cnaym's RD and HOP, both of which seem rather well-rounded and put together. Cnaym often puts a lot of thought behind her characters, and it really shows in the different personalities and traits that they display. Overall a good person, and a great addition to command. 

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Sorry if i gave the feeling, i tend to warn people if i'm away for a minute or "out of comms range" on expedition. Still comming to grips with how much people try to talk to you at once. Thank you for the feedback, though! I'll try to improve that aspect of my gameplay.

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I have played a few times with them and the experiences have been good.

There is however one issue I believe I spotted. I found you chasing an antag into maintenance as a Director when Security was out and about. Granted, they didn’t seem overly efficient, I’m still unsure on the validity of your actions. Normally I’d send a ticket to check on it but it slipped my mind. Can you explain to me why you thought it was valid? I’m not trying to call out here, there are instances where this is okay, but not everyone gets it, so I’d like to know more before I give some rating.

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3 hours ago, Aboshedab said:

I have played a few times with them and the experiences have been good.

There is however one issue I believe I spotted. I found you chasing an antag into maintenance as a Director when Security was out and about. Granted, they didn’t seem overly efficient, I’m still unsure on the validity of your actions. Normally I’d send a ticket to check on it but it slipped my mind. Can you explain to me why you thought it was valid? I’m not trying to call out here, there are instances where this is okay, but not everyone gets it, so I’d like to know more before I give some rating.

My RD was on an expedition with said Miner as she missed a shot with an anti matter rifle on our Unathi member Azka, at this point we still did not know if the miner was antag or did it on purpose, as we return to shuttle, the miner has disappeared and is now flying arround shooting with a KA on us and has placed seismic charges in random locations. The three other members of the expedition make it on the shuttle and get out barely alive, medical is called to bridge and we three get to the medbay for a prolonged treatment. RD is sure that the miner will never be seen again because expedition site is far away and so on. Azka wants to go back and punish the "space pirate", my RD forbids it. In the meantime the station has gone to sh** due to other auto traitors doing their thing, it all tops in the miner returning, stealing the spare and captains headset. Trying to protect crew and other command members (Thea) which got hurt by the miner before, while trying to not let Azka tear the criminal to shreds, my RD taunts her over the Radio and provokes the miner in the hopes that she'll make a mistake which happened soon after. My RD went back to the lab and build a simple laser pistole, tested it, charged it and made sure a DNA Pin was inside. On the way out of the lab some random phoron salt experiment goes south and she is locked in chemistry with a scientist while the room is on fire. She has her AMI, the other scientist is in the shower and the AI + a Stationbound manage to save the two. I let the rest of command (and the miner which has access to the comms) know that i'm on the way to the medbay to get treated, having the laser pistol still on me. After i get treated i left the medbay and spotted a miner following me which started shooting laser and missed about three to four shots while my RD is running for her life. Suddenly the miner high tails it out of there, at this point no officer is nearby so my RD figured the laser must be empty and gives chase. After getting off three shots and one hit she stops the chase and returns to the main hallways to let the officers do their job. RD taunts the miner over the radio which soon after surrenders because of a popped lung and an infected heart from a shootout with Azka on the expedition. I talked to the miner over discord afterward and we two noticed that the adventurer backstory for my RD might be seen as iffy if not well rounded and explained. This was also the first time i chased a traitor with any of my characters, since i always let the ISD handle such problems in normal circumstances. I see how this might have looked out as hell from the outside, but Thea was on the command channel and believing i was hunting and killing the miner when in fact i just wanted her arrested, which was done after she surrendered. Miner got patched up and brought on the shuttle with command talking about that she'll most likely get borged and that getting caught by Azka might have been a worse fate.

Hope this clears things up a bit, i'm neither known for valid hunting nor for my fighting skills. In fact i'm still new and melee combat is still a big weakpoint of me which i work on with sparring on the holodeck as River or private lessons in the security training area as Spike.

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I've the most experience with Spike, Hannah, and River, but their new head of staff characters are just as well thought out and developed. Cnaym's roleplay is top-notch, and in general they're helpful friendly, and just fun to interact with IC, or OOC. I really have nothing but positive things to say so it's a strong +1 from me. They are very capable of being able to hold onto a whitelist.

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