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Total syndicate space gear resprite


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Basically, a resprite of syndicate space gear (including softsuits, not shown here or complete yet) including one extra voidsuit variant and a spooky new crimson hardsuit.

Aesthetically this is hopefully something more grounded than the cartoony, vibrant bright red depictions of the syndicate currently in the game. It also would help set us apart from other servers with a basic aesthetic change as far as something as iconic as nukeops goes. On top of this, the exact designs of the voidsuits and the literal doomsday device that is the crimson hardsuit are much different to set them apart from one another.

Not done are species sprites, which aren't really important to the immediate design, but are also a shocking pain in the ass. Before subjecting myself to such a horrifying task, here's the progress so far to see what people think and if it's worth continuing. The first and second are voidsuits - either both can be ingame for variation, or only one can be put in. The third is the hardsuit.


My gripe is the very chonky sidesprite of the hardsuit, seen on the right. Once you adjust to the perspective it's fine, but it may be jarring at times ingame.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

It looks a bit brown. Can you make the red a little sharper? It should pop. Everything is fantastic, with a sharper red being the only area of improvement I can see.

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I'll miss the iconic designs, but these pseudo-spider designs certainly have a charm to them. If they were added I'd love to see both the purple and green variants added for a bit more choice.

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Oh and as others have mentioned, a little bit more depth (or 'pop') in the sprites would go a long way. The pauldrons in particular look very flat.
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Hard agree with the others stated above, other than Jackbooterbooterbooter and Butter.

I really like the more rustic feel of the sprites - they look more militant, less meme-y, and the ability to give minor customization to mercenaries (aesthetically similar voidsuits with minor modifications??????) is something that mercenaries absolutely require, to give them that individuality that Heisters currently possess. Plus, in my mind, this makes normal mercenary voidsuits a non-memey choice. The current ones sprited in are the same suits used 6 years ago for Nukeops. Come on now.

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6 hours ago, Brutishcrab51 said:

The current ones sprited in are the same suits used 6 years ago for Nukeops. Come on now.

I feel this is a very poor argument to be made, seeing as sprite quality is not an aspect that ages akin to 'graphics' in most games. As for the sprites above, as I said before, they're nice but they need more visual depth (especially for those pauldrons on the voidsuits).

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