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Spider's Command Whitelist Application

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BYOND key:



Character names:

Jesse Armstrong (I mainly play him)

Jamal Compton

Ernesto Perez


How long have you been playing on Aurora?:

It will be 4 Years in 5 days (30.06.2015)


Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?:

I want to build Jesse further. He's a character that i've been playing for almost 4 years now and I feel he has grown to the point where he's ready to be a head of staff. As well as that, I believe I have matured as a person and I can bring forth a new and reformed playstyle to command and make being on the security team all the more enjoyable with the things I have planned. I also believe that being a head of staff is crucial towards a rounds progression and gameplay, and because of the timezone where I live (GMT +4), I frequently notice that there is a lack in players and heads, and I hope to maybe fill this gap. 


Why did you come to Aurora?:

I've always liked roleplaying, I had first started on GMod on HL2RP servers and I was out looking for more. I stumbled upon SS13 and starting playing on BestRP then I moved onto Unbound Travels and Phoenix, but I can't exactly remember in which order. I eventually came to the Aurora because it was the only HeavyRP server that I actually genuinely enjoyed, it had expansive lore and the players and staff were very welcoming despite my lack of any real 'heavy roleplay experience'.


Have you read the Aurora wiki on the head roles and qualifications you plan on playing?:

Yes, I have written fleshed out records for my character that reflect this.


Have you received any administrative actions? And how serious were they?

I have, yes. Admittedly I was not the best player when I had first started and it cost me some bans and getting my security whitelist stripped once. Though I have taken these warnings seriously and I believe that I have drastically improved my play style and attitudes towards roleplay.


Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each.


Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about:

I think roleplay on a more personal level is sort of an escape from reality, a way to step into someone else's shoes and experience a world from their eyes. It's a way of telling a story per se, a way for players to mix together their creative minds through a common interest. Every player also carries the responsibility of creating an environment where there are no ambitions to win or to lose, but rather to just enjoy the experience. Roleplay is such a fun thing to do as it can create these really engaging stories and I think I speak for everyone when I say that it's an enjoyable pastime, only if people collaborate together to make it so.


What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?:

I would argue that their purpose would be create unique roleplaying opportunities and guide rounds. They are, essentially, the controlling force of all the crew-members, their interactions and the decisions they make have a direct effect on the progression of a round. It's important that they guide players and enforce roleplaying standards, such as the sort of professionalism expected from working under a real job. They should also be collaborating with each other to make sure every player is engaged with the contents of the round.


What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?:

While we all have our own shared responsibility as players to create a welcoming and fair environment, whitelisted players have the responsibility of making the said environment engaging for everyone. They are also role models for roleplaying standards. Such as how a new player is more likely to follow the attitudes of the Head of Security, rather than a cadet, because it takes being an experienced player and a whitelist to land such a role. I have been working extensively to improve my playstyle and I engage myself more with other players, as command I would strive to uphold this standard to my best effort by encouraging more player interaction.


Could you give us the gist of what is currently happening in Tau Ceti and how it affected your character and their career?

Jesse Armstrong, if anything, is a man who follows a strong set of morals and holds his ambitions high. He was born and raised on Earth till he was eight years of age, however after the untimely death of his mother, his father alone was unable to support the cost of living on Earth and was forced to move to Biesel for a new job. Growing up in Biesel, NanoTrasen had become a great influence in his life, he had grown to admire the corporation for the many jobs it had created and its attitudes towards pioneering the way for the future. Being raised in both systems had taught Jesse an important lesson about the consequences of the disparity in wealth and status. He had grown to sympathize the less fortunate, seeing a part of them residing in himself.

This turning point in his life had lead him to serve as a Detective in Mendell City for seven years, hoping he could make a difference, albeit a small one in District 11; a sector with a low socioeconomic status, devoid of people like himself. Following an accident that had cost him his left hand, he had set out for new prospects, eventually finding himself back to his childhood and his admiration of NanoTrasen. He chose to enlist into the security team, and was assigned to the NSS Aurora. Through this profession he was greeted with a plethora of races and interesting individuals who had broadened his worldview and changed his life for the better. Working as a security officer for 4 years now, Jesse has his feet firmly planted into his career in NT, and has further grown to respect their ideals and motives of work. After all, it was through this profession that allowed him to grant an improved quality of life for him and his father. It is because of this he has his hopes set for the future and sees himself leading the security team and improving it with the philosophies he learnt throughout his life.


What roles do you plan on playing after the application is accepted?

Head of Security


Characters you intend to use for command or have created for command. Include the job they will be taking.:

Jesse Armstrong - Head of Security


How would you rate your own roleplaying?:

I feel that I have drastically improved over the course of my time on this server, still, I find it difficult to rate myself. Though I feel that people have learned to appreciate my capabilities more, and I feel to be getting along with more players every day, so that may be something to consider.


Do you understand your whitelist is not permanent, and may be stripped following continuous administrative action?

Yes, I am definitely more careful about my approaches in the game.


Have you familiarize yourself with the wiki pages for the command roles?

Yes, I have read all the security guides and the guide to command.


Extra notes:

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+1 All my intereactions with Armstrong are always top notch, in fact, the main characters I play, like armstrong as a character, always fun to be around. Spider's RP is also top notch, never goes overboard, always acts like they should, glad to see them trying to one up their game and going for command.

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Even though I don't like people putting existing characters in command roles I think this time it's fitting and I happily updoot this app with a +1. I've played with you a lot of rounds together and I'm happy to see you with Armstrong again lately and I think you'll be a good command player. Your roleplay is very good and I enjoy it, most of the time, if not always. You'll do great.

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Spider was actually one of the first people that I interacted with on Aurora. His roleplay is always top notch, and he focuses on the enjoyment of all parties, rather than winning or losing. I think he would make an amazing addition to command as he is a shining example of what security should be; progressors of roleplay. I would love to see Spider on the command team.

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From what I've seen of Jesse Armstrong he is not a character that should be a HoS. His behavior during a number of rounds has been less that satisfactory. A very well remembered example being charging at mercenaries with a baton, prefacing this action with the line, image.png.fe02f5b742b3747deac745323fc591bb.png

I'm also not a fan of promoting characters to command. Especially Security characters to HoS or Captain.

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Do i see Jesse as a man of the people who'd make a solid commander? Yeah/ish... i don't play sec often enough to evaluate that. Do i think his RP with Jesse is great and that he adds to the rounds? YES. Has he supplied me with plushies? YES. 

Back to the gist of it. Trial for Jesse is more than overdue and i think it's great that one of the more grounded chars can get some expansion... i don't know how well he will be so i'll watch the Trial closely and write another one durring that.

For now, for trial +1

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I was arrested by him multiple times. I did try to report him once,it was just salt. He did a pretty good job as an officer. 11/10 would be arrested again. Him going to command seems like a good choice. And hey,we all make mistakes,or try to be funny sometimes,let's give the guy some slack eh?

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I've had extremely bad interactions with your character, and it seems you do not grasp the idea of the OOC responsibilities of heads of staff very well. You shut down antagonists when you don't have to, and overall, Jesse comes across as a validhunty kind of character that I would not want to see in any official capacity. 


This, combined with questionable security play, and overall roleplay makes it impossible for me to endorse this application.

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I said I would comment on this, though at of right now I don't really have a resounding yes or no. I haven't had any bad interactions with Jesse Armstrong, though all the interactions I've had with Armstrong has been within the realm of combat and not RP. I can't really speak to the roleplay of Armstrong for that reason. What roleplay I did see didn't really jump out at me and neither do the answers. I wouldn't go as far as to nix him for the chance at trial, but I'd definitively liked to see more about what Armstrong was about instead of what he does.

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I didn't really know much about Armstrong until a recent round, so I wasn't going to comment until I had got to witness the character in a few situations where he could be relaxed or stressed. 


It's a solid character. He can get himself under control if he loses composure. He grieves. He panics. He listens. He shows compassion. 


It's a character RPd to be more human than half our damn regular human characters. 


Spiders pretty chill in OOC. I've never had an issue with him. I'd like to see a trial. 



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Don't have an issue with the player. The character proposed promotes several issues, and my own character has had to nearly arrest them several times in canon rounds.

It is nearly every round that Armstrong will ignore regulations to go and drink on shift. This would be picked up on ICly and the promotion would be held out of reach until the psychological issues are resolved.

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My interactions OOCly with Spider are sparse, but pleasant. ICly I’ve interacted with him as many different characters, Nriel probably being the character who knows Armstrong the most. I’d say he can damn well knuckle down and get the job done properly. I’ve come to know I can rely on Armstrong to pull my ass out of the fire when things go awry, I would certainly be interested to see how he would do as a HoS. I’d also be interested to see how the implant would play into Armstrong’s character considering his personality.

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6 hours ago, IAmCrystalClear said:


Don't have an issue with the player. The character proposed promotes several issues, and my own character has had to nearly arrest them several times in canon rounds.

It is nearly every round that Armstrong will ignore regulations to go and drink on shift. This would be picked up on ICly and the promotion would be held out of reach until the psychological issues are resolved.

I am sorry but I cannot recall any round where you have had to “nearly arrest me” for drinking on the duty besides that heist round last night, where Armstrong didn't even drink.


Any interaction I have Armstrong have with alcohol is primarily when he’s either off duty or as a response to traumatic events that took place during a round, and I can tell you with sure confidence that multiple players can attest to this. To say that this happens “nearly every round” is demonstrably false and just paints the character in a bad light if i’m being honest.

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+1 from me. Jesse has been a recurring character since I began on Aurora and I've always had great RP experiences with them as antag and non-antag.

I'd really like to see how Spider develops him further if he gets a command promotion.

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+1 - Don't know the other characters, but Armstrong is an interesting, fun and skilled officer. Can go a bit hard on the robusting sometimes, or stand around quietly for long periods of time, but those are rare. RP with Armstrong is usually enjoyable to interact with and is quite competent. I would be interested to see Armstrong as HoS. OOC, they're fun to talk to in ghost chat and OOC, and I think they would guide RP well from a command position.

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10 hours ago, ReadThisNamePlz said:

Hi, I will be handling this application. @Spider 

I'm seeing a lot of conflicting posts, about your behavior as an officer. What do you have to say about this?

Well i’ll go over the two comments against me.


The baton rush incident posted by Amory was something that I did stupidly over a year ago if i recall correctly. I was severely reprimanded for it and I can say that I have definitely changed my playstyle for the better. I haven't played with him recently I think? Maybe in sec but no direct interaction unless he wants to comment on something recent.


As for what Bygone said I don’t know if i’ve directly ever roleplayed with him. I’m not sure if what he’s saying is from an observers perspective but i’m sure its not something that happened recently unless he wants to say otherwise. But I get where he’s coming from when he said I was validhunty because that was kinda how I was like sadly. Even then he himself said he would not be against giving me a trial.


As for the last comment I already said that what they mentioned is absolutely false and is not a fair judgement.


I admitted even in my application that a year or so ago was a sticky time when it came to my interaction with the game. I’m sure now that has changed and i’m sure even you have seen it if you’ve ever observed my character, i’m more for the progression of the round and have definitely appreciated the slow paced idea of roleplay. I’m not the same dude I was a year ago, i’m sure no one is, i’ve matured quite a bit, I think it took me completing my first year at uni to take things slow and just enjoy the game. But i’m not tryna get deep or anything lol I just hope you can see i’ve reformed my playstyle, if not then I guess it is what it is and i’ll have to try again some other time.


Thanks anyways.

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I was with Jesse Armstrong for a good round of Heist, as the A.I. Mistress. He handled the Security Department really well, there were no casualties and everybody knew where everybody was - they also managed to deal with armed intruders better equipped than they were pretty handily. Efficient Commander tbh! Should definitely be a HoS more often.

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