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Mira's Alchemist and Attire Set

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[b]BYOND Key:[/b] QueenOfYugoslavia
[b]Character name:[/b]Mira Akhandi, formerly Mira Castralo
[b]Item name:[/b]

/obj/item/clothing/under/fluff/mirauniform //Mira's Cloth Undersuit - Mira Castralo - QueenOfYugoslavia
	name = "mira's dark clothes"
	desc = "A set of dark under clothing, loosely fitting"
	icon = 'icons/obj/custom_items/miraitem.dmi'
	icon_state = "miraunderarm"
	item_state = "miraunderarm"
	contained_sprite = TRUE
	var/pr_open = 0  /*Is the "What do you want to do?" prompt open?*/

/obj/item/clothing/under/fluff/mirauniform/AltClick(mob/user as mob)

		pr_open = 1
		switch(alert(user, "What would you like to do?", "Mira's Clothes", "I wanna roll my sleeves up.", "I wanna roll my suit up.", "I go back to normal."))
			if("I wanna roll my sleeves up.")
				user << "<span class='warning'>You roll your sleeves up.</span>"
				src.item_state = "miraunderarmsleeve"

			if("I go back to normal.")
				user << "<span class='warning'>You roll your suit back down.</span>"
				src.item_state = "miraunderarm"

			if("I wanna roll my suit up.")
				user << "<span class='warning'>You roll your suit up</span>"
				src.item_state = "miraunderarmsuit"
		pr_open = 0

/obj/item/clothing/suit/storage/toggle/fluff/mirarobes //Mira's Alchemist Training Robes - Mira Castralo - QueenOfYugoslavia
	name = "junior alchemist robes"
	desc = "A  robe with a light silky gold colored belt around the waist. Placed upon the print is two red jewels pinned to it neatly."
	icon = 'icons/obj/custom_items/miraitem.dmi'
	icon_state = "mirarobes"
	item_state = "mirarobes"
	icon_open = "mirarobes_open"
	icon_closed = "mirarobes"
	contained_sprite = TRUE
	min_cold_protection_temperature = SPACE_SUIT_MIN_COLD_PROTECTION_TEMPERATURE
	armor = list(melee = 0, bullet = 0, laser = 0,energy = 0, bomb = 0, bio = 30, rad = 0)

	name = "alchemist flask"
	desc = "A large bottle used to mix chemicals inside."
	icon = 'icons/obj/custom_items/miraitem.dmi'
	icon_state = "mirabeaker"
	contained_sprite = TRUE
	volume = 40
	amount_per_transfer_from_this = 10
	possible_transfer_amounts = list(5,10,15,25,30,60,100)

	name = "\improper Burlap Alchemist Bag"
	desc = "A smallish burlup sack, modified to lug around belongings. Stiched into it is the letters 'M.A' "
	icon_state = "giftbag0"
	item_state = "giftbag"

/obj/item/clothing/shoes/fluff/mira_pboots //Mira Boots - Mira - QueenOfYugoslavia
	name = "dark boots"
	desc = "A pair of black boots with tall laces."
	icon = 'icons/obj/custom_items/miraitem.dmi'
	icon_state = "mira_pboots"
	item_state = "mira_pboots"
	contained_sprite = TRUE

/obj/item/clothing/under/fluff/miraskit //Mira's Skirt - Mira Castralo - QueenOfYugoslavia
	name = "Suspended Skirt"
	desc = "A plaid skirt with suspender's, sewed into the side is the intianl M.A."
	icon = 'icons/obj/custom_items/miraitem.dmi'
	icon_state = "miraskit"
	item_state = "miraskit"
	contained_sprite = TRUE

/obj/item/clothing/under/fluff/miraskit //Mira's Jacket - Mira Castralo - QueenOfYugoslavia
	name = "cut-off vest"
	desc = "A short grey puffer vest."
	icon = 'icons/obj/custom_items/miraitem.dmi'
	icon_state = "miravest"
	item_state = "miravest"
	contained_sprite = TRUE
[b]Why is your character carrying said item to work?[/b] Mira Castralo was hired upon the NSS Aurora under science internship, which turned into a tutorship under the Senior Unthai alchemist Eri Akhandi onboard the NSS Aurora. 
Upon initiation into her tutorship and into the Akhandi, Mira wears the robe as a symbol of her junior skills to her mentor in her pursuit in the field that is often times overlooked or seen as a non exsistant field of research aswell as the culture and spirituality of the Akhanzi Order and what it means, even with as fragmented as it is. 
Mira wears her robes to continue the honor that her mentor holds aswell as respect for the culture/religion around it and the importance the field of study has. The robes them self mean alot to her in the sense of belonging to something and representing a study and field, aswell as a person she looks up to and respect with the remainders of the order that he represents and what that idea means, Uthani or not.
Her flask itself is more of a tool of her study, containing 4 chambers (For a total storage of 40u), it can be used to hold chemicals poured into it without mixing them

[b]Item function(s):[/b]
Order Cloths: None
junior alchemist robes: Warmth protection, slight bio protection? Far less them the labcoat
alchemist flask: the no react is moreso item simulation due to the bottle having multiple chambers for chemical storage, similar to those of 18th century alcohol decanturs
Vest: a Vest
Skirt: A skirt

[b]Item description:[/b]
See code blurb
[b]Item appearance:[/b]

[b]How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?[/b]

I think can serve as a good instance of how our lore can work in ways of intersectionality, due to the Akhanzi Order's acceptance of those not of uthani origin/birth and joining as a member of said order. Her robes visualize how species of all kinds can intermix into each other and create better and more varied characters, aswell as boost influence and desire to learn more about the field of chemistry/alchemy

[b]Additional comments:[/b]





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Guest Marlon Phoenix

A thoughtful item and the Akhanzi within Biesel are the type to encourage this sort of foray into their ranks by a human, I believe. +1

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Looks good to me, character motivations fit well into the setting and give an air of progression. My only concern would be the Beaker. I think it would probably be better as a container that holds four 10u beakers as opposed to a single beaker itself.

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Continued on
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I hesitantly give you a +1, the reasons being that it seems quite strange from what I've seen of the character so far, but then again I support the idea of anything that is overall diverse into the server and encourages new play-styles and what have you.  

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