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Player awards results!

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Hello hello you wonderful people. Here are the results for the survey that more than a couple of you took part in. They will be listed in order. If a nominee did not get more than 3 votes they are not shown. Listed here is the top three for every category or the top 4 if there is a tie. Honorable mentions will be listed if theres a lot of different people with decent votes. If you're not listed you only got a couple votes.


Best Head Administrator

Garnascus. 32 votes

Voltagehero. 20 Votes

Shameonturtles. 19 Votes

Best Administrator

Alberyk. 18 Votes

Thedococt. 11 Votes

Coalf. 9 Votes

Aboshehab. 9 Votes

Best Moderator

Yonnimer. 19 Votes

Tailson. 8 Votes

Readthisnameplz. 7 Votes

Honorable Mentions 

Prate, 5 Votes

Best Lore Writer

Kyres1, 12 Votes

Jackboot. 12 Votes

Sleepy Wolf. 9 Votes


Synnono. 12

Geeves. 10

Unknownmurder. 7 Votes

Honorable Mentions 

Elliot. 4 Votes

Best Developer

Burger. 18 Votes

Arrow. 6 Votes

Alberyk. 4 Votes

Skull. 4 Votes

Honorable Mentions

Lord Fowl. 3 Votes

Best Wiki Maintainer

Chada. 19 Votes

Burritojustice. 8 Votes

Funniest Member of Staff

Coalf. 19 Votes

Prate, 5 Votes

Chada. 4 Votes

Most Likely to ban me

Alberyk. 25 Votes

Coalf. 11 Votes

Garnascus. 8 Votes

Most Likely to Admin Abuse me

Alberyk. 21 Votes

Coalf. 7 Votes

Garnascus. 6 Votes


Best AI

Harmony. 22 Votes

Arlo. 8 Votes

FLAW. 5 Votes

Best Station Borg

ORB. 31 Votes

Bit. 5 Votes

P.A.T.C.H. 8 Votes

Most Memorable Character

Fernando Gonzales. 8 Votes

Muhawir Nawfal. 5 Votes

Cassy Hendricks. 3 Votes

Uriel Evans. 3 Votes

Preston Prestoff. 3 Votes

Scariest Character

Fernando Gonzales. 11 Votes

Noir. 5 Votes

Willow Harper. 4 Votes

"How did they get hired?"

Shane Castralo. 18 Votes

Willow Harper. 8 Votes

Kelvin Riker. 2 Votes

Best Antagonist Character

Ripribs. 11 Votes

Tin. 9 Votes 

Willow Harper. 2 Votes

Most Likely to Endanger Crew

Willow Harper. 12 Votes

Faysal Al-shennawi. 9 Votes

Shane Castralo. 7 Votes

Most Likely to Have a Plan

Faysal Al-shennawi. 12 Votes

Khaled Al-Bastaki. 6 Votes

Fernando Gonzales. 5 Votes 

Most Friendly to Newcomers

Tabi Trekkers. 4 Votes

ORB. 3 Votes

Nikit Vasili. 2 Votes

Amaya Stone. 2 Votes


Best Captain

Uriel Evans. 18 Votes

Raymond Hawkins. 4 Votes

Nathan Corvo. 3 Votes

Best Head of Security

Khaled Al-Bastaki. 18 Votes

Erika Silva. 2 Votes

Suvek tokash. 2 Votes

Best Head of Personnel

Faysal Al-Shennawi. 16 Votes

Amaya Stone. 8 Votes

Bright. 7 Votes

Best Research Director

Angela Ulery. 8 Votes

Observo. 7 Votes

Avid'Draa Qorli'Starchild. 8 Votes

Honorable mentions

ResearchMate 2459. 5 Votes

Best Chief Medical Officer

Fernando Gonzales. 35 Votes

Phoebe Essel. 2 Votes

Best Chief Engineer

Kuzahradis Ioraks.  24 Votes

Mia Parker. 6 Votes

Asaar;kalid M'kar. 3 Votes

Best Internal Affairs Agents

Hallowed Quill. 14 Votes

Liesel Metz. 2 Votes

Crew Jobs

Best Member of Security

Cassian Graves. 5 Votes

Noir. 5 Votes

Shawn Carson. 3 Votes

Best Member of Engineering

Uwasv Sidanelv. 10 Votes

Michael Lee. 2 Votes

Monique Byrd. 2 Votes

Best Member of Medical

Sei Armas. 5 Votes

Iah. 5 Votes

Diamond With Flaw. 2 Votes

Xinic. 2 Votes

Hadiiya Nejem. 2 Votes

Best Member of Science

Nikit Vasili. 13 Votes

Robert Bretscher. 11 Votes

Natascha Sukhoi. 4 Votes

Best Member of Service

Anya Orlova. 16 Votes

Muhawir Nawfal. 4 Votes

Erin Macgregor. 4 Votes

Best Member of Supply

Cassy Hendricks. 18 Votes

Vedai. 4 Votes

Preston Prestoff. 3 Votes

Station Clown

Shane Castralo. 20 Votes

Preston Prestoff. 3 Votes

Willow Harper. 3 Votes






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6 minutes ago, YouJustGotOwened said:

Wow. Surprised by how many of these names I remember

How could you forget me bby 

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Synnono isn't on CCIA team anymore when this was published. Geeves doesn't count as a CCIA member, he withdrew from CCIA position before he could pass his trial. I'll take that first place award for myself, thank you very much. 

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On 28/12/2018 at 12:34, BurgerBB said:

>outranked skull and arrow for best developer

oh boy it's time to usurp 

Extreme margins of error are not uncommon to anything Garn touches.

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