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Discord Icon / Server Logo

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We recently changed our discord icon.

Some of you have voiced that they are not happy with the new discord icon (which is our lobby screen icon from the exodus)
Therefore I encourage you to create and post alternatives.
Once we have a few of them together we´ll do a poll and see which one is the best.

Do not post if you do not have something to contribute.

Requirements for the icon/logo:
Currently we do not have a server image/logo, that could be used as the base for the discord icon
Therefore we´ll extend this to also look for a logo that can be used for other places aswell (such as the forums, the wiki, ...)

The logo/icon should be to uniquely identify Aurora Station.
Pretty much everything goes there.
(The words "Aurora" or any other acronym is not required to be present in the logo)
You are also free to submit multiple different colour variants of the same icon/logo.

The only requirement we have is that there needs to be a serious attempt at creating a icon/logo.

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Could there be a further specification?

1) What colors should we use.
2) Is there an image/logo that can be used in the logo itself or was there ever an idea for an NSS Aurora logo similar to how every other major server has one.
3) What should people consider when suggesting a logo, like, are the words "AURORA" required? An Acronym? Etc.

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Uh, anything other than the toilet one. I've already seen really dumb justifications for how it's representative of a classic Aurora moment/you have to have 4000 IQ to really understand it apparently, but it is an old server icon and you know what Kylo Ren says about old shit.

"Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to. It is the only way to become what you were meant to be."

If individuals leave over the server icon being changed that's equally hilarious and sad but the change is still necessary.

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The TCFL is terrible for the same reason the ship is.
It's an art piece.

All of the details are going to be completely lost, with the letters being turned into an unreadable mess. While yes, it's going to be more distinct it's still going to be incoherent for any newcomer.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the art itself but it's not viable for a branding, frankly, the brand logo we want to design here should be re-usable and possible to be pasted anywhere and on anything.
Similar to the CM logo, Baystation logo, Vore station logo etc.

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On ‎18‎/‎06‎/‎2019 at 15:23, UnknownMurder said:

Here. I did something creative for people of Aurora Station on my free time. Please appreciate my work. 


I appreciated your work. Then the longer I looked at it, and the more time passed, I appreciated it more. Then I thought, "Free real estate" and added the Beisel flag to see what it looked like. I thought it was pretty neat, but it's your work so it's your call whether this concept should be added to the pool.




Also a picture of how it looks on discord


Edited by Conspiir
Added the discord pic
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Since you are asking me and I shall answer. I'm okay with this alterations. I'm not too offended or picky. I just wanted to put my art out since no one other than Geeves was willingly to put forth a small amount of effort by using an already used art to further their agenda whereas I put forth more serious effort by starting over from scratch and building it together as I go along. Biesel logo is okay as long as Administration is fine with it. 

@Arrow768, what do you think? 

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The one proposed by @Conspiir is waaay too messy, visually. There's 4 elements for your eyes to focus on, and they're all in their a different visual style. Even the original is leaning towards that: the text and the NanoTrasen logo do not match at all. And the logo + text do not match the sprites.

Another issue with the TC torch specifically is its likeness with the Bay12 Torch symbol. Which is why I would rather avoid it.

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