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Aboshehab Letter of Resignation


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Asalam Aleykoum,


I’m sure all of you know me so I’ll skip any introductions. For some this is unfortunate, for others, I’m sure they’ll find this fortunate. After my long tenure on staff, I’ve decided it’s time that I resign from being a Head Administrator for this community. What follows isn’t necessary reading for people that are only interested in the tl;dr of this, but as I write this, I feel certain emotions and experienced some memories, flashbacks of sorts. I tend to be a very sappy person, at least in private with friends, so I’m going to take this moment and indulge myself.


First, I want to start by apologizing to anyone I’ve wronged or have been unfair or unjust. I doubt throughout my tenure I’ve been immune to errors, no matter the effort I put in, we are all humans after all. I’ve had my moments of being snappy, happens to the best of us, yet it’s still not an excuse I accept, even from myself, so I apologize for that as well.


Second, I want to thank everyone, staff and community members, present and former. I’d also like to thank those applying and those that apply in the future. The maintenance of this hobby of ours require effort from some of us, as do all hobbies that are worth it. I won’t lie and say I’ve liked everyone, but I’ve never truly hated anyone here. We’re all a community, and we all spend some of our time together since we want to, we enjoy it. So in regards to this, I think it would always benefit everyone to be nice to each other, I’ve seen far too many petty incidents and aggression when none are necessary.


Thirdly, the reasons for my resignation are largely personal. I’ve never been the kind to really throw out personal circumstances or issues out in the public, and as a result for some, people have viewed me as largely distant. I tried to deal with this issue by trying to approach people more often and engaging with them. What I’m willing to say is that I’ve got certain circumstances and problems I’ve been dealing for years, and it’s gotten to a point where it has affected my willingness to continue as I am. For something I care about, Aurora can stress me out at times, trying to continuously make it better and more inclusive to people. It’s also extremely hurtful when people throw out comments that we don’t care or that I personally don’t care about the server as a whole.


Finally, I got promoted relatively fast. I was a moderator for two months before being promoted to a secondary administrator and then three months later when Shadow/Itzal resigned, promoted to Head Administrator, skipping the primary rank. I appreciate the faith put in me and I hope that throughout my tenure on staff, that I’ve been capable and have done good for the community on all fronts that I’ve been involved in, and that I haven’t neglected anything that was within my power. In a sense, I’ve put my heart and soul into this server, I didn’t care much about server politics or drama, and at the end of the day, I just wanted everyone to enjoy Aurora.


I’m going to stick around for a bit, assist the transition, and I’ve also offered to stick around staff in a minor position, assistance and advisory in some management or lore related matters, but I’m not really capable of maintaining what I used to do. This isn't a full out good bye as I still enjoy the community and do intend to keep playing. Feel free to ask any questions if you have them.


To reiterate some of the above points. Again, I apologize if I've wronged anyone and hope that I handled my role appropriately. 

Edit: I am NOT quitting the community. This is only the staff team.

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You did a lot of really *Really* good work from my perspective. I was supporting you from the start and I still do, I'm glad you're sticking around in some capacity which is my main solace, if it's too much, it's too much, same thing I told Ally when they were leaving for College. I get it, it's what you have to do. But, still, I'm very glad you're sticking around.

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I logged on as soon as I received notice, even though i'm not the most active of members on aurora, Both you as a staff member and as a community member, hell, even some of your characters have inspired me to try to do better in game and in real life. From what little i can grasp over such a limited medium, it's shone more brightly than plenty of people i've met in real life. Sad to see you go, glad to still have you around.

I hope whatever struggles you have now, and in the future, are swiftly delt with, with you in the lead. Thanks for everything, Abo.

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"Promoting you to head administrator remains one of the best decisions i have made in my tenure here"


Bitch, excuse me? I was there too to decide.


Also sad to see you go.



(since the forums changed now and I dont have my title anymore, ex headmin here)


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You were the best head administrator this community's ever had, and that isn't to say we've had bad head administrators in the past either. You had an approach to issues that was efficient and fair (though still just) to all parties involved. I wish you luck, though, the writing on the wall was kind of obvious by the time you were taking a lot of breaks from the server in succession.

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1 hour ago, Butterrobber202 said:

I’m usual immune to internet feels but goddamn it Abo, I actually like you. Sad to see you resign, but happy that you are hopefully dealing with real life.  :D

Me as well, we will miss you in charge Abo, and I hope you can fix the problems going on in your life. Godspeed o7

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